A few weeks back we got an exclusive tour with the zoo keepers at Dublin Zoo to see the brand new orangutan forest habitat. Orangutans Sibu, Leonie, Riona and Majurs brand new forest home is inspired by the Orangutans natural environment in the tropical rainforests of Borneo. It is five times bigger than their old habitat with eleven trees, all between seven and twelve meters high complete with inbuilt lifts. These lifts transport food to the top of the trees and once the food reaches the top the orangutans are challenged with a slow release feeder to get the food hidden inside.

dublin zoo

The main attraction of the new orangutan forest is the rope wire connecting the two islands together. Meters above your head the orangutans literally climb across a public footpath to the other side, it’s really cool but be careful, watch out for falling debris.

Also, did you know there has been a new arrival at Dublin Zoo? A southern white rhinoceros male calf was born on Thursday 25th August, weighing approximately 60kgs and Dublin Zoo are looking for your help to name the little guy. If you have a suggestion (must be African origin) pop over to their facebook page.

So to celebrate Orangutans Sibu, Leonie, Riona and Majur settling into their new home I have a Dublin Zoo family pass to giveaway.

To enter:
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COMMENT below and tell me what your babogs favourite attraction is at Dublin Zoo.

This giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. There is no cash alternative. Competition closes on the 8th of September at 9pm and the winner will be notified by email. Goodluck!

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  1. have liked both pages 🙂

    Our last trip to the zoo was totally ruined by our three year old lol!
    He spent his time wanting to find the playgrounds whilst i was begging him to get a look at the new baby gorilla! Would love to go again but take the baby too this time and hopefully distract the three year old long enough to see all the animals!

  2. Eck we still haven’t brought Chloè to the zoo we are hoping to bring her on her 1st birthday she is obsessed with animals so we can’t wait to see her reaction. It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by

  3. Have yet to bring the minis to Dublin Zoo but I imagine their favourite attraction would be the ‘efelants’ (elephants!).

  4. My daughter LOVES the elephants and my boys love the Tigers and the meerkats. They would all love to see the new baby Rhino .

  5. My baby girl absolutely loves animals as you can see from all my snaps to you Her favourite would probably be the tiger as she had a slight obsession with the Jungle book but I reckon she would love it all!! Her baby sister is only 2 months but would enjoy the new scenery 🙂

  6. My babogs are dying to meet the new baby rhino calf that was born recently … Would love a family trip to the zoo!!

  7. Fab prize.my little ones absolute favorite thing to c in the zoo is the bloody playgrounds.she does like cheetahs to.

  8. My eldest loves the elephants, my youngest babóg has yet to visit! But I’ll bet she’ll be a fan of the monkeys

  9. Already liked and followed! I don’t have kids but I go to the zoo with my niece and nephew. My nephew loves the orangutan’s, especially since they moved into their new habitat. He goes around the house pretending his an orangutan.

  10. I love to go see the hippo when I go the zoo, I can remember being amazed the first time I was them as a small child in Dublin Zoo.I would my wee girl to go to the zoo for the first time and be amazed all the wonderful animal’s and find her own favourite animal to fall in love with

  11. Liked

    Our favourite is the hippo swimming – our three year old spends ages waiting for him to pop out of the water claiming they are playing peekaboo together . Great family day out every time!

  12. Done. Our 6 month old loved the colours of everything however would love to bring the ten year old back again he loves the zoo and especially the lions and rhinos.

  13. We love the sea lions and the giraffes. We would really love to win. Didn’t make it in to the zoo this summer, I miss it!

  14. This would be an amazing prize to win for my little girls birthday next week. She adores the zoo & all the attractions but her favourites are the sealions, elephants, penguins. She would love to see the orangutanes she missed them the last day we were there.

  15. Last time we were at the zoo there was a new baby elephant. The kids loved it but the now almost 3 year old can’t remember it as it was nearly 2 years ago. Would love to take them back to see the new baby rhino. Would love to introduce it to our new little man Fab prize. Liked & shared

  16. My kids love the hippos. They’d stand for hours watching and waiting on them to surface in their pool. The arguments trying to drag them away
    We haven’t actually managed a trip to the zoo yet this year. Would love to win. Our smallest has never been. He’d love the pigs 🙂

  17. Would love this for my little monkey 🙂 we love watching the chimpanzee family as they are always playing, eating or arguing just like us!

  18. Definitely loves the penguins ( you don’t see them very often ) my kids love all the animals and always asks can dey go to farms to see the animals lol. Amazing giveaway

  19. My sons favorites are the hippos and daughters are the monkeys, they love the zoo, such a great family day out ❤

  20. Every week is “zoo” week & yet we still haven’t made it there so can’t really say what the little lady’s favourite will be although she would probably spend the whole time looking for “Dogs” they’re her thing she just loves them !! Mammys favourite would be the giraffes

  21. My daughter loves penguins!!!! We brought her to the zoo when she was younger but she doesn’t really remember it unfortunately. She was only saying to me the other day how she’d love for us to go back so this would be a great prize to win!! Good luck all. Liked and shared. Liked Dublin Zoo on Facebook. Thanks.

  22. Love all the animals in zoo but our favourite is the sealions and their new home it brilliant to watch them swimming.

  23. Still haven’t gotten round to bring finn who was 2 in July. . He absolutely loves pigs (thanks to peppa). Would love him to see a real one

  24. My Little one has just turned one so I would LOVE this to bring her for a lovely family day out, she would very much enjoy a day our at the zoo 🙂 Great prize, loving the blog keep up the great work 🙂

  25. My 3 year old tells me ‘I’m going to be a lion in the zoo when I get bigger!’ My 5 year old is amazed by giraffes and their long necks

  26. We love to see all the animals but especially the babies. My daughters love all things small. We will be visiting for my daughters 4th birthday on the 18th and she is very excited to see the wee rhino.i it would be brilliant to win x

  27. My four year old loves the elephants and the meerkats. My one year old hasn’t been to the zoo yet but I’d say his faves would be the lions and tigers cos he’s always chasing our cat around the house dublin zoo liked on instagram as I’m not on facebook xxx

  28. We have only been to the zoo twice, once for school tour (i went as volunteer) and another time for her friends party. Myself and my daughter love seeing the monkeys. She also loves the playground parts but the last time we went it poured rain so we didnt get to see all animals, eat out in restuarant or play in the playground. We would live another oppertunity to go again. Heres for 3rd time lucky. ☺

  29. My youngest babog is an animal mad 8 year old. So it would be impossible to say what the favourite part of the zoo is. The biggest problem is getting her to leave and go home. I think she would stay if she could!

  30. We all have different favorite animals in the zoo Muirean who is 11 loves the penguins and red pandas Saoirse who is 8 loves the elephants, giraffes and all the monkies their daddy loves the wolves tigers and lions and I have a special fondness for the Orangutans because about 18 years ago I worked in the CRC in clontarf and a baby orangutan came from Dublin zoo to visit the children and I got to cuddle and hold it and help it have a banana !!!!! – one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had and something I will never forget

  31. All done – both pages liked & followed!
    My kids, being absolutely dog mad, are fascinated by the African painted dog! We would love to see the seven new pups that were born recently! Fingers crossed! xxxxx

  32. We went with my 20 month girl, she looked at every animal, said “orangutan” and “crocodile”. Shook with excitement at the penguin feeding time. Had a picnic. Played on the slides. Went home delighted. When I asked her what her favourite animal was she said with a smile.. “Cow”. For the next week she told everyone about the cow doing a wee wee! Kids like what they like.

  33. Unfortunately we have not had the chance to visit Dublin Zoo but would dearly love to…My Kids love watching “The Zoo” on tv which features Dublin Zoo.. they are also made for Bondi Vet, Alaskan Vet & any Animal related program on National Geographic & were last nite engrossed in RTE1s Wild Atlantic Ocean & The Galapagos Islands on network 2

  34. My boys get very giddy and excited when we visit the seals and the apes always makes them laugh hysterically. All in all there is no better family day out.

  35. My two love the Monkeys and spend most of the time making faces at them!!! My guilty pleasure are the giraffes!!!

  36. My little girl is in love with all the monkeys in the zoo, we went just a few weeks ago and shes asking to see the animals again. My son also loves the zoo and he just loves the wolves and the lions. Would love to go back for another visit soon as it rained the whole day we were there.

  37. my little sister picks a new favourite animal every time I bring her to the zoo. going to the zoo it my favourite thing we do together to bond. I would love a zoo pass to take her more often.

  38. My little nephews love the elephants and the monkeys. The oldest is 2 and the younger brother is 10months. Its a fantastic day out and would make a lovely gift to a young family starting out.

  39. Hope this doesn’t hinder our chances but my almost three year. Old has never been to the zoo. Never had thw money to take her single parentinh. We do however look at the Facebook page together all the time and she loves all the attractions. Big softie spot for monkies cos she likes to Monkey around

  40. My little brother hasn’t yet had the privilege to go to Dublin Zoo, This would be a great prize so that he court get to see all the amazing attractions and meet all kinds of wildlife animals. I can imagine his favourite attraction would be the Tigera as he has a great interest in them aswell as me

  41. We are mad animal fans in this house; I know my daughter loves the tigers (the are sooo big up close!) and I love the elephants in particular. My boys will absolutely love the new orangutan feature!

  42. The big cats – 5 year old’s current obsession is the speed a cheetah can run at, and how that compares to lions, leopards etc. No idea where the interest came from; his mum certainly doesn’t run!

  43. My little girl turned one 2 weeks ago so she’s never been to the Zoo…. Can’t wait to bring her as she’s animal mad!!! Making new memories and finding out what’s her favourite……

  44. My babogs are all grown up now,but we enjoyed yearly Zoo passes.
    I suppose the African Plains were our favourite with the gracious giraffes.We still love a day out at the Zoo.

  45. Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Bernice Brown you have won the family pass to Dublin Zoo, I have popped you an email. Thank you everyone who entered, I’ll have another giveaway very soon!

  46. i just love dublin zoo its a lovely place for all the family would love my little grand niece to to be able to to see the zoo as she is 1 today and she just loves all animals the orangutan and owls is my favourite

  47. Hi i have 5 kids and its very hard for me to affoard to bring them nice places as im also a carer for my dad who is physcially and mentally ill he needs 24 hr care so i dont get much of a chance to bring them places my kids love the tigers and the elephants could i be considered please we would be very greatful kind regards

  48. Love to go every year havent been this year yet the kids love everything about their trip to Dublin Zoo even the older boys and mum and dad

  49. The sealions are our favourite at the min as the feeding times and tricks are great to see. Of course they love watching them swim from beneath the water it’s super cool to my five year old

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