Today on the birth story series one of my readers Rachel shares her birth story. I’ve never read something so quick in my life, the suspense wondering if she would make it back to the hospital on time. Congratulations Rachel, she is a little dote.

My Natural Hospital Birth

I don’t exactly have a history of quick labours but nobody knows how it will go, how long will it be, how hard will it be? Sure, I was told that “the more you have the quicker and more furious the labour” not in my case on my second. Having had my first two babies in the MLU I was going there again, regardless. Regardless of anything. That place is amazing!

On my due date, I begged the midwives to give me a sweep on my due date, the same midwives I had met during my previous pregnancies. They laughed at me saying “people don’t usually beg” but I did. And I got it too.

Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

I begged for another one for four days later. I got that one too. Did I mention how amazing the midwives are?

By now I was 5 days over. No biggie. So my appointment was at 5pm. I was seen on time and got my sweep minutes later. The midwife told me my baby was still not fully engaged but she’d given me a good sweep and she’d be surprised if my labour didn’t start within 24hrs. Heard that before! So we began our journey home from the hospital which is a good fifty minutes away.

I’m getting pains since I left the hospital.
Every. Four. Minutes.

Couldn’t be? Couldn’t just start like that. Could it? I turned on the contraction app on my husband’s phone. Yep, sure enough, they were fifty seconds long every four minutes. I rang my mam and sister who are minding our two older sons. They basically laughed at me saying that I’m imagining it. Yea, maybe I am. So we drive another ten minutes. Still having pains.

Every. Four. Minutes.

I ring the midwife for peace of mind and she says “it’s probably just pains after the sweep but go home and have a bath and give us a ring if anything happens”. So we did as we were told, we continued the drive home. I’ve still got pains.

Every. Four. Minutes.

We drove in the gate at home and in a panic, I told my husband to turn around and go back. He went white. So he flew back up to the hospital. Lots of pains. When we get out of the car I froze. Eventually, I pulled myself together knowing that it wasn’t going to be long before my baby was here. We got to the lift and waited about 45mins for it to come down. As we got out of the lift my waters burst all over the place, just like you see in the movies. I trickled in my previous pregnancies so it was all new to me.

The hubby wheeled me through and the midwife that delivered our second child walks out and greets us. What are the chances? My husband declared I wanted pethidine – he was warned! “No problem”, says the midwife, she promised to sort me out once she examined me. She pulled down my trousers and there was my baby, I didn’t even push!

Baby Amy was born at 7.16pm weighing 7lb 10oz.

natural hospital birth story

The most wonderful surprise after two boys.

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