My Nametags approached us to review some of their stickers or iron-on labels a couple of months back. It didn’t take much persuasion as Kayla is a disaster for losing stuff, just like her mammy she’d forget her head if it wasn’t screwed on.

I choose the stickers as they stick to clothing labels, shoes and equipment. The iron-on labels only stick to clothes and textiles, and if I’m honest I haven’t used an iron in over a year. I couldn’t even tell you where it is. With the stickers, I can label her pencil-case, school bag, lunch box and beaker too.

my nametags sticker labels for school uniform and equipment

We got 56 ‘Little Miss Chatterbox’ My Nametag stickers and personalised them with her first name. You can add a contact number or surname if you like. They measure just over an inch long and would have cost me €18.95. Post and packaging are free.

The website was easy to navigate, delivery was prompt and the stickers were effortless to apply. I like that they are waterproof, easily recognisable and can be personalised with different characters and even contact numbers if that’s what you choose. These stickers are machine washable and dishwasher safe too.

Although they will help my daughter recognise her belongings come September, I think they are very expensive. It’s a sheet of stickers after all, even if they have super staying power. The way I see it is if the big kid lost her pencil-case, school tie, lunch box and beaker it wouldn’t total up to the price of these stickers. Also if you have more than one child of school going age you cannot split the sheet of labels to save a few pennies, you would have to buy another sheet of nametags, costing close to forty quid. In four years time, it would cost me eighty blips just to label my kids belongings.

Personally, I think they are way overpriced. Next year I’ll just use my trusted Sharpie like always but if they tickle your fancy or if you want more information about them check out their website

*We received this product for the purpose of an honest review. 

17 Comments on My NameTags Review

  1. I’m all about using the Sharpies and will be using them to label Lillibug’s stuff come September. I think the iron on labels or a tad over priced especially if you have more than 1 child. Great post though and still an option for many to choose from.

    • You can use your family surname if you’ve more than one kid but again that’s not an option for us as my eldest has a different surname to the rest. Sharpie will do the job and we’ll save a few pennies too 🙂

    • Do you think? I haven’t tried them yet. These are handy for lunchboxes and twistables too, but I need two sheets, one isn’t enough for all her stationary haha

  2. Totally agree with the price issue. I’d much rather just keep writing their name in! Or even replace the item!

  3. Oh these are SUPER CUTE and i love the fact you’ve been able to incorporate one of the “Little Miss Chatterbox” into the design, but they do seem a little overpriced to me. That would put me off purchasing some myself. xx

  4. They are cute, I can save money by using them for two of my children as they have the same initial…I always use initial and surname on labels, then if anything is worthy of wearing the following year it can be handed down even if named 🙂 Then I had to spoil it all by having one a different sex and name 🙁

  5. You’re right. They are overpriced. I bought the stickers a long time ago for creche because kids kept having the same bag. I don’t think I would choose them again.

  6. If you want to split them I would suggest just using your surname then all of your kids can use the same labels 🙂

    I got these last year and flipping loved them – I get that they’re a bit expensive but for the time saved in applying them or the teacher trying to find a lost skirt after PE (and I’ve been that teacher) I think they’re worth their weight in gold 🙂

    • That would be a great idea if my kids had the same surname lol. I do like them, it’s just the price. Rival label companies charge €10-15 for a set.

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