During my first borns early years, I spent my days in the Medical Tower of Our Lady’s Hospital visiting Dermatologist after Dermatologist. Kayla had awful eczema. It started on her chin, little spots that I dismissed as a heat rash but within a few days, it spread across her cheeks, down her back, it was on both elbows and the backs of her knees. She was covered in it, it was itchy, inflamed and sometimes it weeped.

I felt helpless. We tried everything from steroids creams, goats milk, oat baths, coconut oil and every lotion and potion on the market. Nothing seemed to help it. After four months of feeling powerless, we were then subscribed six weeks of oral steroids and antihistamines and it worked. Every since I’m overly cautious about what I use on the babogs skin especially Kayla’s. She still has the odd flair up and believe it or not the sun is her trigger, she’s just back from Salou and had a nasty flair up that is thankfully clearing up *coughs* thanks to Childs Farm.

It’s no secret on my blog that I’m a huge fan of MooGoo, another organic range famous for clearing up eczema but it’s very expensive and very hard to get your hands on. I love their soaps and creams and the kids love their bubble baths but it was costing me fifteen quid a bottle just for the Mini Moo Bubbly Wash. I’ve four kids now, fifteen quid for a bottle of bubbles is no longer within my budget. So this is where Childs Farm comes in, an affordable no nasties toiletries range dedicated to newborns, babies and children, even those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

We’ve been reviewing some of the range the past six weeks, we received strawberry & organic mint shampoo and conditioner for Kayla and a selection from the new baby range, dedicated to newborns for the two smaller ones. Poor Frankie got nothing.

childs farm shampoo condition bubbles and baby wash

The most appealing thing about the Childs Farm products is the ingredients. There is 98% naturally derived ingredients, organic essential oils and it’s free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colourings. The packaging is very funky and the two older ones love the bright illustrations. I love that they are very affordable and retail from €5.99 and can be found in local shops like Boots, McCabes Pharmacy, Lloyds Pharmacy or you can just order direct from the Childs Farm website.

childs farm toiletries for child baby and newborn

The Baby Bedtime Bubbles is suitable for newborns and it creates long lasting fluffy bubbles. It has added organic tangerine for naturally calmer bedtimes. I can’t tell you if it makes bedtime any calmer ’cause she sleeps all the time anyways. It’s a beautiful mild product, gentle on her skin and smells amazing.

The Baby Wash dedicated to newborns is fragrance-free and like all other Childs Farm products contains no hidden nasties. I really enjoyed using this product on Kenzie and Kadie, it was super gentle and although it states it’s fragrance-free there is a lovely fresh scent from it. I’ve been using this baby wash on the eldest since she came home from her holidays and in a few days there is a noticeable difference in the appearance pf her eczema, it’s no longer itchy and it’s not stinging her anymore either.

And finally, the big kid has been using the Strawberry & Organic Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. If anything the biggest pro since introducing these particular products on her is the independence of her wanting to wash her hair all by herself. It’s a no sting formula so there are no more squinty stingy eyes and it’s detangling conditioner makes my life so much easier. She smells almost edible after washing her hair with it. This product contains over 97% naturally derived ingredients and organic essential oils. It’s also suitable for newborns too.

childs farm review wash sensitive skin bubbles baby

Since receiving these above products I’ve purchased hair and body wash and some 50+ SPF sun cream (that I annoyingly forgot to give to the big kid’s dad before she went away). My partner will kill me for this but he’s been using the hair and body wash the past three weeks and we have both noticed an incredible difference in his skin. Unfortunately, he has back acne and I wish I could show you photo’s but in those few weeks it has improved by at least 50%. He’s ditched his usually manly smellies and wants me to pick up more Childs Farm Hair & Body Wash next time I’m in Boots.

I’m a HUGE Childs Farm fan now and I would highly recommend their products whether your children have sensitive skin or not. It’s a fab affordable organic range with no hidden nasties and it smells amazing too. Our bathroom is now fully stocked with the range. I’m going to give the nappy cream and detangling spray a whirl next .

Also, I shared a post on my Facebook page and it seems to be a very popular product amongst my readers, there was not one negative response about the product itself apart from the postage costs if you’re buying direct from their website. One of my readers, the lovely Jayne, has shared an awesome tip that if you spend over £15 on the Childs Farm website you get free UK shipping, then use Parcel Motel to ship to Ireland for only €4. Or just keep an eye out in Boots as they regularly have 25% off and you can collect 10 points per euro spent if you’re a member of their Parenting Club.

We received these products in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.

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  1. I’ve bought one of their products before and I loved the fact that the ingredients were all natural. Haven’t bought anymore purely as I haven’t seen it, so I must look out for it again x

    • Packaging is SO PRETTY! I could sit sniffing the kids after a bath, the tangerine one’s do be amazing.

  2. I have been using Child’s Farm products since Harry was born 3 years ago and i swear by them. They smell amazing and i love the fact they only contain natural, organic ingredients xx

  3. Have heard great reviews regarding the moisturiser, just curious when it will be back in stock and if the product is shipped world wide?

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