So there is absolutely no sign of anything happening. My Hicks, the niggly back cramps, and those mild contractions have disappeared off the face of the earth. It’s a really weird feeling especially at 38 weeks pregnant considering all my babies come early. I’m normally praying for the onset of labour, I even served Kadie her eviction notice this time last year, I dunno I feel like I’ve another week or so left in me.


Bump had the hiccups last night and it was such a precious little feeling. In all my pregnancies I’ve never felt them before so it was completely new to me. I won’t lie I kind of panicked at first, I didn’t know what was actually happening but in the end, it was all very cute, even Joe had a little smiley feel. There’s officially no room left in there, when the baby moves her foot I can feel it knocking off my ribs, almost scraping along, not a pleasant feeling but I know I’m going to miss those little kicks and feels.

I had an overnight stay in hospital on Friday night for observations. My platelets continued to drop at a rapid rate so they put me on steroids. It wasn’t part of my plan but realistically if I want a safe birth and to keep baby in there for a little longer it was my only option. It only dawned on me last night when I was talking with Joe that we are unsure if they will affect my breast milk. I never thought to ask before taking them, I just had an awful fear over me that if my platelets kept dropping they would want to take my baby out and I just wasn’t ready for that.

While I was in the hospital the lady in the bed next to me on the ward HAD HER BABY IN THE BED ON THE WARD. It was madness. The kitchen staff came in all cheerful and clapping telling us to open our curtains that breakfast was on the table. Next thing I knew the lady told our midwife she needed to go the toilet really bad. The midwife shrugged her off at first, and next thing she was calling for a delivery pack. I could hear her waters break and then her babies first cry. It was manic, I sobbed and sobbed. It was weirdly amazing even though I didn’t actually see anything. I was dying to shout out congrats but I couldn’t get the words out, big blubbering mess.

Last week I had no appetite and this week I’m certainly making up for it. Just last night at 1am I loitered about the fridge for a good half hour. One Twix. Two yogurts. Three bags of Haribo. I was only mildly satisfied. I can’t control myself. I’d say Joe does want to strangle me. As for sleeping once my fort is built, I’m still good to go. Snoring, drooling, Joe still hanging on for dear life.

I’m convinced Kadie can sense the baby is on the way or that there is about to be some big changes. She’s on my hip. She’s not whining or giving out, in fact, she’s in flying form she’s just everywhere I am. She’s a little goer, flying along. She’s emptied my hospital bag a few times and ripped open the babies prepped zip lock bags as if to say you are not going anywhere and nobody is coming home with you either. Poor kid hasn’t a clue what’s about to hit her.

Joe arrived home with the 7 seater mammy wagon this evening. He literally just drove off with Allie the Astra I didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye. Sniff. Joe’s raving about cruise control now, whatever that is. I’m still not over having no handbrake and I kind of rolled it into our rockery already. Don’t tell Joe though, he’ll absolutely murder me. Kayla loves the new car, her favourite thing about the car is not having to sit beside Frankie. And I don’t blame her, I felt pure sorry for her, he’s a little shit in the car and had her tormented. Now he’s down the back, right back in the boot but he loves it. I kind of do too.

It’s getting so close now, I won’t lie I’m a little overwhelmed with emotions the past few days. My mind is constantly daydreaming into the future. Soon I’ll be a mammy of four, two of them will be under one and I’m not even thirty yet. How did that even happen? It’s mad to think that soon I’ll be breathing in that newborn aroma again, oh I cannot to hold her and squeeze her, and take her all in.

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6 Comments on Pregnancy Update Week 38

  1. This first photo is just too cute for words! 38 weeks, how exciting! I love having 4 kids. It just works. They look after each other, they fight (but generally not all at the same time), they make me so proud and happy. Very excited for you!

  2. Ahh feet in the ribs, something I’ll never forget! And standing by the fridge eating everything haha! Now I look at my baby’s feet and think wow, these were the feet that were in my ribs, I can’t believe it xx

  3. What a precious photo! And how sweet that she senses something is up bless her. Your bump looks super neat and cute 🙂 How mad that someone had a baby on the ward next to you!! I’d have to stop myself from bursting in and shouting congrats!! x

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