It’s been a long week. I’ve had five iron infusions, my last one was yesterday. And I must say even though I was stressed out looking for minders for the kids these little infusions have me feeling fabulous. Everything to my complexion, the colouring of my eyes and I have bundles of energy. I’ve never in all four pregnancies felt so good especially not at 37 weeks pregnant.

Come bedtime the heartburn is still diabolical. I swear to god if she doesn’t come out with dreadlocks she’s getting implants. I’m not joking you, she better come out with a big curly afro. As for the want, need, LOVE of chalk, it’s gone. I’m no longer subsidising my longing with Silvermints. In fact, I have no appetite, I’m practically forcing food down my throat, apparently, that can be a side effect of the iron infusions. And as per usual when I do happen to want something the kids eat it for me but sure that’s mammy life.

My sight is fully restored. And my god I’ll never take vision for granted again. That was one scary experience and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. As for the carpal tunnel, the wrist strap rocks. I still get bouts of pins and needles but nothing compared to before. And I’m not waking up with it either, in fact, I’m not waking up full stop. I make a big fort with my pregnancy pillows and I’m out for the night, poor Joe does be hanging on for dear life. Poor guy.

Talking about him, he had man flu, he was dying the weekend. Literally. DYING. He was hallucinating about socks and the sock monster who robs all our socks late Saturday night. It was hilarious. It was so funny that I actually pissed myself. I was on the floor crying laughing. He had tonsillitis, so technically he was sick but I’m pregnant so now we are equal. I’m not good on the sympathy front as you can see.

We went the balls on Tuesday and we all know how much I hate the place. Only cost me €27.50 to have a quiet cappuccino. Absolute robbery those places are. Although I’d probably pay more to have ten minutes to myself. I dread to think what it will cost me bringing four to the balls. Anyways have you ever seen a 37-week old pregnant mess chasing after a toddler and climb up to the second level of soft play? Yeah. Then she only goes and gets stuck. Disaster. Never again.

We’ve found a mini-van, a Citroen C4. Joe even put a deposit down on it so there is no going back. I had a little test drive of it and it’s bloody HUGE. The test drive was a bit of a disaster in fairness. I couldn’t find the hand brake. I’m not even joking you like. Sitting there belted up, mirrors were done, Kayla in the back wondering what’s going on. There’s me looking in the glove box and all. Long story short the C4 has no manual hand break, so not only have I to get used to driving a f**king bus, I have an electronic button as a hand break now too.

So we had a plan, a birth plan if you will. I don’t want another baby in my hallway so after long chats with the Obs and awesome Midwife we’ve decided to do a sweep (if I’m favourable on the day of course). I have the date and the plan was to stay in the hospital afterwards purely because all my sweeps have been successful to date ie. Kadie.

However, that may all change now. Yesterday I decided to get a blood test done before my last infusion. I only had one last week so there was no necessity for it but something told me to have one done. And just as my infusion was complete my midwife came back with shitty news that my platelets had dropped, not by one or two thousand but by 30K. Great! I know once my platelets drop below 60K there will be an intervention of some sorts. Whether it be steroids, a platelet transfusion or to deliver baby sooner. So I’m back in tomorrow this time with an overnight bag or possibly my labour ward bag, who knows. I know the doctors have the baby and I’s best interest at hearts so I can only hope they don’t drop any further between now and then.

I’m gonna spend today finalizing my hospital bag and getting the babogs bedding and newborn cloth nappies ready. I’ve to do a shit load of batch cooking too. Never a dull moment around here…

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    • Hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ve been admitted just like they said they would if they dropped. Hopefully some good news later today.

  1. I never had the chalk craving. It was always ice for me. With all three pregnancies. Anything cold and crunchy. Hope all goes well in your last few weeks x

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