What a week it has been. Our beautiful little bundle arrived last Friday night, and she is perfect, all seven pounds two ounces of her. It’s like she’s always been here, and for everyone asking, yes, we made it to the hospital with plenty of time to spare. My poor mother was palpitating when I rang to tell her I was getting mild irregular contractions so much she left work in a panic and spent the next few hours hounding me to leave.


The birth was amazing, it was everything I could have dreamed of. I had awesome midwives, Joe was super supportive and I had no stitches. That was my biggest fear about birthing again. Having had a shit load of stitches on Kadie it’s nice to be able to sit down and walk and love my body for what it can do. The female anatomy is fascinating!

We had an extended hospital stay as little miss needed a cranium ultrasound due to my platelets dropping during my pregnancy. Her platelet count came back perfect as did the scan and we got home late Monday afternoon. The fourth scariest drive of my life, I don’t know what it is about that first car journey with a newborn but I think you should be prescribed valium for it. There’s some lunatics out there on the road.


I’m feeling really good, probably the best I’ve ever felt after having a baby. In all the hecticness that is this house I’ve succeeded and I’m comfortably boobie feeding. When my milk came in on day three they were very sore and engorged, I even had matching blisters, so I chose to express for some relief. I got one of those manual boots own brand ones, less than a score and it’s doing the job. And since I started expressing both Daddy and the big kid have been able to bond over a bottle too which is nice and a little break for me to rest up or hang out with the other smallies. I got some recently launched Chicco ‘NaturalFeeling’ bottles to review, and I’m really liking them. They are designed to replicate the instinctive way baby feeds and the teat are shaped to ensure the same suction movements as breastfeeding and she took to them perfectly. I’ve decided to continue to express a bottle or two a day to keep for when Daddy goes back to work. It will be handy to have especially if any of the older ones are been fussy and need some extra cuddles.

Kadie gave me the cold shoulder for a couple of days. She wasn’t having a bar of me, well I did desert her in fairness, I’m never without her but thankfully it only lasted a short few days as I’m her fav again. She turned eleven months yesterday, took her first steps the day before and today we found two new nashers popping through. It’s all very emotional, where the hell is my baby going? I’m convinced she’s doubled in size since last Friday too, she looks like she’s grown a few inches.

Frankie is Frankie. In fact, Frankie is a little less Frankie cause Kenzie looks more like him that he looks like himself. She has over-taking her daddies gene. I only go and carry her for nine months and it looks like he spat her out. Anyways he is in no way fazed by her presence. He’s just shouting ‘boobie‘ a lot more now, he’s clapped and cheered a few times too, he’s my Mr. Motivator. I went for a walk yesterday and when I came back he was in little Spongebob underpants, looking all super cute. I know he’s in no way ready for potty training but Daddy thought so, so I left him to it. He had two wee’s and a shit in less than a half hour, it wasn’t long before Daddy had him back in a nappy. I love when I’m right!

As for his Daddy, he’s been my rock, he’s been doing all the running around, from keeping everything running smoothly in the house to visiting us both in the hospital twice a day over our three-day stay. Just yesterday he spent the guts of an hour scrubbing the floors, he then wouldn’t let any of the kids eat. He actually made the kids eat out the back. He’s a gas man. He also informed me last night that he ‘looked’. I wanted to go bat shit crazy but instead, his description of what he had seen had me howling, I’m still laughing thinking about it. He will never look at me in the same way again. The poor f**ker.

meeting Kenzie

Kayla is in awe and wants to hold her baby sister 24/7. In fact, she turned down a weekend away to Bettystown because she’s afraid she’ll miss something. She’s been a great little helper around the house and I’d be lost without her. Although today she asked when am I going to the hospital next… to get the doctors to check to make sure that there isn’t another baby in their cause I still have a bump. Wagon!

Our families have been amazing. Of all weekends to have a baby, my mam and dad had family down from the North (with four kids) and my in-laws had a dress fitting for a big family wedding next year. But they managed between them all to take the kids and I’m forever grateful! As for my girlfriends, they are off swanning it in America, they better bring me back something good but it’s awesome having people in different time zones. When Ireland is asleep they are keeping me entertained during night feeds.

And finally, here name. After endless googling, tears and a million ‘what did you name her?’ texts and calls her name is Kenzie Riley. It had previously been Harriet, Riley, Skye and Kasey but she didn’t look like any of them. Damn it’s so hard choosing baby names but I love it, she looks like a Kenzie. Kenzie happened to be Joe’s first choice so he got his wish and now he’s pure smug about picking her name. So when she’s older and she’s all in my face about hating her name I can direct her to Daddy. It’s a win-win. He even persuaded me to get her registered this afternoon so I couldn’t change my mind again, he’s a lot cleverer that I thought.

So that’s everything, for now, I’m in a bubble of happiness, there’s nothing like that newborn aroma or cuddles or having everyone running around after you. This will be the last time I get these feels and I want them to last forever ’cause I’ve officially handed back my Coombe loyalty card, our family is now complete.

30 Comments on One Babog, Two Babog, Three Babog… Four <3

  1. Awe congrats beautiful baby it goes too quick my baby will be 11 months on Monday and that flew in .Gorgeous children4 is the magic number for me too

  2. Just so delighted for you Kellie and I really love the name too, it suits her and your beautiful family! Congratulations again xx great piece. That photo caption is hilarious!!

    • I had to caption it, her poor little face said it all lol. And thank you, and a super big congrats to you too 🙂 x

  3. What a gorgeous post Kellie. She is beautiful and you really are such a fantastic Mammy. All the babogs are so lucky to have you. What a gorgeous family. Look forward to following this next chapter xxx

    • Thanks Amanda and the Coombe loyalty card is a bit of a piss take. I’ve had 3 babies in three years in the Coombe hospital, Dublin. I won’t be back again lol xx

  4. Aww loved this post! Huge congratulations to you all. I have three children and we’re trying to decide whether to go for number four at the moment. Your children are beautiful – enjoy the wonderful newborn bubble x

    • Thank Kate. Still in my bubble even though I’m home alone with all four. Fingers crossed every day goes as smoothly as today is haha.

  5. Aww massive congratulations on your gorgeous new arrival lovely! I miss those little newborn cuddles and their smell! Oh goodness making me so broody haha xx

    • I’ll admit the newborn smell makes me super broody too, if only we could bottle it up. And thank you 🙂

  6. Congratulations! What a lovely post. This has made me so excited to have my next baby (due in Nov). 🙂 I’m glad you had a great birth experience. I’m hoping I don’t have stitches next time – I found them to be worse than the labour pains!

    Enjoy those baby snuggles. 🙂

    • Awh Jenna, I completely agree. the stitches are so much worse than the labour itself. Excited for you now and you haven’t long to wait either. Good luck!! And thank you 🙂

  7. Aw so many congratulations on the birth of your beautiful girlie. Lovely photos and you are very lucky to have such a wonderful family x

  8. Congratulations again Kellie. Looks like you had a smooth birth this time. You’re great at this now. 🙂 Supermum right there. When’s the fifth planned? Lol

    • Oh, it was great Janine, could have asked for a better birthing experience. And nope, there’ll be no more lol. Four is the magic number .

  9. That’s just lovely, congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Kenzie! Sounds like you had a good birth experience and she’s fitting right in with the family!

  10. I’m so delighted for you, you’re a smasher, look at those beautiful kids! You grew them! You’re fantastic and I’m so glad you feel good too, you deserve to. I am done at three, but it’s lovely to see the little new ones all over again x

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