So as you know Frankie is in disposable nappies, he never really liked the bulk of cloth nappies and he always leaked no matter what I tried. He was in size 5 for awhile, then he outgrew them or so I thought so I moved him onto size 5+. The next size up, obviously. 


Well, yesterday I learned that the plus sign (+) we see on disposable nappy packaging is actually an indicator of added absorbency, that symbol is nothing to do with the actual nappy sizing. So basically if we see two packs of nappies, one saying size 5 and the another saying 5+ the plus symbolled one has added absorbency for heavy wetters. Yes, the nappies are different in size but that is to make room for the extra soakage so, in fact, they really are the same nappy.


Tesco’s even confirm it on their website. Sizing differs on certain disposable nappy brands to make room for absorbency expansion. So the plus symbol simply means absorbency for heavy wetters rather than actual size. And there was me thinking I knew it all!

Also just as an FYI Pampers now do a size 7, you know for kids like mine who are just not ready for the potty!!

23 Comments on What Does the Plus (+) Symbol Mean on a Disposable Nappy?

  1. Wow haha I always buy 5+ for my little one, I could of sworn they were bigger lol x

  2. WHAT?!!! This is brand new information. I did similar to you and moved my lady from 4 to 4+ thinking it was bigger – and they looked and fitted better. Wow. Thanks x

  3. No way!!!! Ah FFS… I’ve been buying size 4+ for Chloe thinking that’s the next size up but I’m also buying size 5 sometimes. Well I’m sticking with size 5 for now. Now that I’m reading this size 4+ does absorb more than 5.

  4. Never knew this. My little lad is in 4+… but if u look at the weight… the + is always for an extra few ib not by much though…