Silent labour, have you ever heard the likes? Well, Ellen of has had two silent labours to date – lucky duck right? Today she shares her silent labour birth story of her first born, the adorable little Aidan. 

My Silent Labour

I was already a week overdue so my doctor scheduled my induction for the following bank holiday Monday at my routine appointment. Wednesday was like any other day and we spent the mor4

186+9ning in town before I went to my parent’s house in the evening…

7:30pm: Casually watching BGT with my Mam.
7:45pmFeel a little bit ‘leaky’. So I text Clayton (my partner) to say I thought my waters had gone but I wasn’t too sure.
7:55pm: I stood up and *GUSH*. My waters burst all over the floor.
8pm: I told my Mam that the midwife said not to come to the hospital after your waters break unless you are having contractions.
8:03pm: So I cleaned up my puddle, only to slice my foot on broken glass and got into the shower.
8:30pm: I rang the labour ward and was told ‘come in and bring your bags
8:42pm: Silently I panic that it is actually all finally happening.
8:50pm: I rang Clayton to inform him, to which he replies ‘can you wait until I finish work at 9:30‘ (Yep, he really said that!)
9pm: I got home and gathered bags together and met Clayton at the door, he looked like a ghost.
9:45pm: We arrived at the hospital.
10pm: I was put on trace machine and answered lots of pointless questions.
10:45pm: Now I’m waiting for a doctor to arrive to… ‘be sure it’s actually my waters
11pm: Continue to wait…
11:05pm: *GUSH* all over the inspecting doctor.
11:15pm: I was admitted to the hospital and they sent Clayton home.
11:20pm: I went to the bathroom and notice a little blood. I told the nurse and was popped back on the trace.
11:30pm: Get pressure.
11:45pm: More pressure.
11:50pm: Then there was a major pop and my waters went EVERYWHERE! I ripped off trace machine in a blind panic and went out to the nurse only to get in trouble.
11:52pm: I was offered a heat pack and refused it because I already felt like I was melting. I got dirty ‘drama queen’ looks from the nurse.
11:53pm: I was checked by the nurse and told ‘You better call your partner back to meet you in delivery. You’re 8cm!‘ (HA! In her face!)
11:55pm: I was wheeled into the delivery suite.

12am: 10cm.
12:15am: Clayton arrives talking about laundry.
12:45am: I told the nurse for the 10th time I didn’t want the gas and air.
12:55am: I was told to turn onto your side. I turn onto my side and feel no pressure.
1:27am: After pushing for over an hour, Aidan finally arrived – all 8lb 10oz of him.


I cuddled my new baby while the nurse and the lady in the bed across talk about the ‘first timer who had silent labour‘.

There is a whole collection of birth stories on the blog if you would like to see more. Birth stories go live every Sunday at 9pm but let’s be honest it is never actually on time. If you would like to feature your birth story drop me an email at

14 Comments on My Silent Labour by Bumps and Roundabouts

  1. Great post. I have never heard about a silent labour but it sounds much nicer than my experience.

  2. I do love a good birth story! What wonderful labours Ellen had, I’m jealous! My first one was 16 hours and over two hours of pushing. But I can’t complain it was all natural (still shocks me to this day haha) and all was well in the end 🙂 x

    • That’s the thing, once everybody is healthy and happy in the end. Still makes you awful jealous though 🙂

  3. I love reading birth stories and I still need to write and publish Rowan’s birth story (from two years ago). Unfortunately for me I had a 36 hour labour that ended in a c-section, would have been much sooner if my midwife had actually listened to me!!!

    • Oh Laura, that was a long labour… I’ve mixed feelings on midwives. Having had three children, all my labours differ and I still remember my midwife refusing to check me on my first. Her head was crowned and I thought I needed a poo. It could have been very dangerous only for I screamed at her in front of other patients (I was in a ward of 5 other mammies to be) it was horrible!! I barely made it to the delivery room and she was out.

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