It was my birthday on Wednesday, and as much as I wasn’t in the humour of celebrating because I couldn’t see a thing I had a great day with the gremlins. They made me breakfast in bed and ate it too. They cleaned the playroom before school then wrecked it again just before we left. They sent me flowers and ate the accompanying chocolates. Joe even organised the family together for a cake that evening, I ate it with a fork in the kitchen from the box as you do and when the kids went to bed, and for breakfast the following morning. I do love cake, especially Superquinn cake. It was a great day and I even managed to sneak off to The Counter in Dundrum with the gremlins god mammies making it back just in time to celebrate Ireland’s big win.


My blog has taken a landslide in activity. My eyes have gone all wonky, one minute I’m grand and the next I’m running around after real-life gremlins. Not only do they sound like gremlins on a daily basis but because one of my eyes is completely banjaxed their faces look all droopy too. Then there’s my hand, I’ve been getting pins and needles in my fingers and across the palm and if they subside it feels all numb so basically I’m out of action. I can barely lift the kids never mind cook, clean or drive.

When I rang my maternity hospital they recommended some rest, a bit of shut eye and loads of water in case I was dehydrated. After a few days and a few more phone calls the nerves got the better of me. I went in for a check-up. I went in with wonky eyes and a numb hand only to told that fatigue and tiredness are normal. Eh, what the hell? I never mentioned I was tired, I am, but I’m not complaining about it, not to you anyway. That’s life with three kids and third-trimester pregnancy. The midwife and doc also had last years chart and to top if off one of them questioned my decision NOT to be induced in a couple weeks time. None of your business lady. I got a lecture on my iron intake too. I take two Galfer every second day otherwise I’m curled up in a ball crippled in cramps. And I have taken them religiously since day one (well since I guessed I was pregnant) along with my other pregnancy vitamins.

Anyways after some blood tests, they discovered my iron has dropped again. That’s why I’ve been feeling ‘tired’. Again I had not mentioned anything about being tired but they know best don’t they. In the end, I got no answers about my eyes, and as for my hand they would refer me to the physiotherapist BUT if I haven’t heard anything in two weeks to get onto them myself. My iron was so low though that I would need an infusion and I would need to return on Monday. No leaflets. No advice. No clue what to expect. Just a ‘see ya Monday‘. Sound.


I spoke too soon about the heartburn, it’s diabolical. I tell you something, I won’t miss it one bit, nor will poor Joe. If I lie down flat for even second I’m up puking. I’m without a doubt keeping Gaviscon in business while perched up on about ten pillows at night. I really don’t know how Joe puts up with me. The other night it got so bad I was up chomping and chewing on coolapops in bed. I genuinely thought he was going to smother me. He still might mind you. If anything happens me Joe should be the prime suspect. I asked him for a back rub the other night too. Big mistake. Imagine a cement covered Kango thumping you for thirty seconds. Yeah. I’ll never ask him again. The pain. He was just getting me back for all those nights I’ve twisted and turned and woke him up just because I couldn’t sleep.

The gremlins have been testing. The big kid knows her boundaries and knows how to push me. She’s practically throwing the baby around like a rag doll. I’ve lost my voice on too many occasions telling her to put her down. She doesn’t give a shit, she picks her up the minute my back is turned. As for Frankie, he thinks the baby is a horse. Anytime he’s alone with her and she crawls across the room, he hops on her back for a jockey. The corner sofa has a firm shape of his bum imprinted in it the past couple of weeks.

I’m having these mad dreams, some funny ones about other bloggers and I running away from our kids together and then some horrible twisted ones about having to choose a child to save. One night I woke up and genuinely thought my water had gone I was soaking in sweat from a nightmare, tears and everything streaming down my face.


I got my first iron infusion on Monday morning and I’ll need a few to get my iron back on track. I don’t feel any different but I imagine it will take a few days. The physiotherapist popped up while I was having the infusion and confirmed I had carpal tunnel in my right wrist. She gave me a wrist splint and some little exercises, do’s and don’t and in all honesty I could hug her right now. The numbness is subsiding along with the pins and needles and my hand feels a little human again. And best of all as soon as the baby arrives it will go, never to be seen or heard of again.

In other news, my blog made it into the Maternity & Infant finals and I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me and my little blog, I’m absolutely chuffed. Voting has reopened and this time, it’s for the win so if you would like to vote for me to win Best Parenting Blog you can vote here (easiest way to vote is by signing in through FB).

I suppose that’s it for now, I won’t be writing many posts until my vision is restored fully as I can’t bear looking at the screen. I have this crazy feeling baby may come sooner than she is expected but I’ve yet to show any signs of nesting. Hopefully now the next few weeks go smoothly…

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Kellie, hope you’re feeling better. You’re some woman, don’t think I’d be able for it! I have one and I’m 31 weeks and feel sorry for myself LOL!! Hope the next few weeks go without any surprises xx

  2. Aw bless you it’s seems like life is a little crazy for you at the moment with everything you have going on. I hope your capal tunnel foes once baby is here and hope the infusions help with you iron levels. I have had low iron before and I honestly have never felt so bad in my life so can totally relate. Congratulations on the awards too xx

    • Thanks Tanita. The iron infusions seem to have worked wonders. Wrist has settled too. Thanks a million

  3. So sorry to hear you’re having a tough time bless you. The iron infusion didn’t look pleasant! I’ve suffered quite a bit this pregnancy with anaemia but can’t imagine what you’re going through. The vision thing must be awful too. Not long to go though fingers crossed and it’ll all be worth it. Take care lovey x

  4. Oh Kellie 🙁 You poor love.
    At least you got cake eh!?
    (That has to be the most shite effort at finding something positive to say to you – in real life Id give you a hug, make you a cuppa, offer more cake and give you a break!)

  5. Oh no, it sounds like you’ve had a tough couple of weeks with no help from the medical side at all. I hope you are feeling better, just rememer not long to go xx

  6. Belated happy birthday. I am sorry to hear that things are so rough at the moment. But not long now and soon you’ll have your lovely new bubba in your arms. I hope that your vision improves – that sounds awful. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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