I use to blog when the kids napped, or when they were in bed. Now I’m napping with them or eating my body weight in crap. The blog is taking a noticeable landslide in the past week but bare with me, I’m sure I’ll have loads to be giving out about when we become a family of six in a short few weeks.

We went to Galway the weekend, courtesy of The Connacht Hotel. We almost cancelled on the days and hours leading up to departure. Up until the morning of I was convinced baby was coming. I had lots of contractions, I felt ill, and I was exhausted. I hung around my local chemist getting my blood pressure taken convinced it was up. In the end, I’d say it was the heat knocking me for six. We went and had an amazing time (I’ll have a full review up soon), I really needed the break. Joe’s been working so hard lately so it was nice to spend some quality time as a family.

Kadie has me heart broken, she’s already ten months next week. The belly flopping across the room like a walrus seems to be a thing of the past, she’s walking comfortably along the sofa, and she’s mastered climbing out of her walker with the aid of the sofa. I even found her on the second step of the stairs after a quick-their-all-occupied-dash-to-the-toilet. Fun and games. She’s even saying ‘ni-ni’ going to bed. She’s growing way too quick, it has me emotional wreck looking at her playing with the older two at such a young age.

The bump is becoming a bit of a nightmare. Both Kadie and Frankie must be standing if they want picking up out of their cots, and funnily they know the drill. I no longer pick up their toys, I’m at that f**k it stage. I’m rolling off the bed and shifting off the sofa. I’m also using a lot of bribery the past week. Custard creams seem to work a treat. We’ve had sausies, waffles and corn on the cob to many times to count. I’d really love someone to come take all the kids for a couple of hours and batch cook up some pies and stews and stuff I can freeze for those shitty days.

Bath time has gone from a fun adventure to a chore. Normally I throw all three in the bath run the shower and work my way through old to young. The little kid gets seconds in the bath now cause she is trying to launch herself from her Shnuggle bath. She thinks she’s superman. The other day the boy leaned over her bath and weed in it. He was just standing there like oh yeah, feeling much better now while the baby splashed about. I felt ill but I did laugh uncontrollably.

The dog is following me around the house and constantly sniffing me. My boobs are huge and my colostrum is in. I’m getting contractions left, right and centre in preparation for her arrival. I feel like taking a knife to my birthing ball, there does be murder over of it. The kids are literally killing themselves for a ‘shot’ or trying to kill themselves rolling across the room on it.

Joe has been working crazy hours. Crazy hours meaning he’s gone before eight and not home until after nine and working weekends. I’m convinced he’s parking up somewhere and napping. I wouldn’t blame him if he is, I’d probably do the same.

My hospital bag is almost ready. I just need to sort out the babies clothes. All of Kadie’s stuff is in two black bags so it’s just a case of going through them and picking what I want to use. I haven’t bought much apart from bundlers and cloth nappies. I’m determined to use cloth from day one this time, whether it happens or not now is a different story.

I’ve just over five weeks left to go, and I’m starting to reconsider that induction in three weeks time. Everything would be so organised from the kids, Joes work and I won’t have to worry about going into spontaneous labor at home alone with the kids. It’s something I really need to think about over the next few weeks.

I got some really exciting news today too. My blog made it to the finals of the Maternity & Infant awards. I owe you all a huge thank you for voting for me, I’m over the moon so thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really means a lot.

That’s it I think, even if I wanted to type more OITNB is back and Joe said if I don’t stop tapping on the laptop he’s going to f**k it out the window…

6 Comments on Pregnancy Update Week 34 (and a half)

  1. Congratulations on reaching the final! Thank God for custard creams, it was chocolate boubons for my daughter. Take care and hope it all goes well x

  2. Oh this made me chuckle (sorry). I do not miss the f..k stage of pregnancy. Glad you had a nice time away. My dog used to follow me around too. He was amazing when I was in labour. A fab support lol x

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