I’m feeling very pregnant, up until this point I’ve pretty much winged it. Then this heatwave landed and it has knocked me for six. At 33 weeks pregnant I’m walking around the house half-naked, windows and doors open and spraying myself with mist every ten minutes. Did I mention I’m showering 3-4 times a day? I couldn’t care less what destruction the kids get up to while I’m in there.


My mammy has gone on her holidays, she’s sunning herself in Costa Del Somewhere (I really can’t remember where she’s gone) and I’m like shit, what do I do now? She pops over pretty much every day, helps out for an hour, lets me fly the shops, or whatever without having to drag all the kids in and out of the car. She’s a legend. I’m a little nervous cause last time she went away I was up the duff with Kadie, and she arrived a couple of days into her TWO WEEK HOLIDAY and believe it or not I’ve been having all these Hicks, and pressure, weird sensations and the odd period pain type cramp in my lower back the past few days.

There’s no more room in there. I’m getting rib jabs, pokes, and kicks in all directions. According to Kayla, she is trying to get out. My belly button has popped for the first time ever (and last) and it’s the weirdest looking thing ever. Frankie’s a bit freaked, especially when we have cuddles, I think the bump is letting him know who is boss already. Poor Frankie is outnumbered, the girlos are taken over.

There have been some heated arguments on the name front between Kayla and Joe. Kayla has her name picked and Joe is saying no, just to wind her up, I think. I like it, it’s not my original choice but it’s beautiful all the same. She got the final say with Kadie’s name so we’ll see what happens.

My platelets have dropped again but my iron is almost perfect. I’ve been eating lots of greens and taking my iron tablets religiously. Baby is measuring spot on my scan dates, heads down and I’m delighted I’m not back in the Coombe for four weeks (apart from blood tests to monitor my platelets but I can go anytime for those and I don’t have to wait), I usually have fortnightly appointments by now so this is heaven to me.

The auld birthing ball has made a reappearance, a godsend when I’m feeling uncomfortable. Although it’s become somewhat of a weapon for the kids. It’s only up a couple of days and there’s been blood, sweat and tears between the two brats over it.

My little babog has come into her own the past few weeks, I’d almost say she is on the verge of walking. She can climb up and down the sofa, walk along it and she’s well able to hold her own even at nine months old. While Frankie’s speech has come on leaps and bounds too. He’s holding little conversations with us. I’m spending my days entertaining myself by getting him to say wellies and clock. I know, I know. Bad mammy.

Everyone is still sleeping, sleeping in their own beds. I went for a lie down last night after putting the kids to bed and woke up at 11pm, it was amazing. I assumed I’d be up half the night but I slept no bother till morning. Although I’m not impressed with Joe this morning, he watched Hollyoaks without me.

The heartburn seems to have eased off a little, I assume that’s due to all the frozen foods I’ve been eating. I haven’t made a hot dinner in over a week either. I can’t be dealing with the cooker or fighting with the kids, they don’t eat dinners when it’s hot out, It’s all chicken, burgers, salads and fruits for now.

We are heading to Galway this weekend coming, all five of us, so I’ll be stocking up on the custard creams for the car journey. The babog hates the car, so light a little candle for us, please. I’m absolutely dreading the drive but I’m looking forward to having all five of us together and Joe really needs the break.

I think that’s it. Apart from the fact, that I’m melting. And our trip to the beach the weekend was an absolute disaster but hey only seven weeks to go…


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  1. I’m feeling the heat, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. Sounds like you are doing all the right things though and the end is in sight! You’ll love Galway, I hope the weather holds! PM me if you want to meet up or need any advice on places to go!

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