A couple of weeks back Organix Goodies sent the babogs some treats in the form of their new Banana and Sweet Cinnamon Organix Puffcorn that are due to launch this month. My kids are huge popcorn eaters, I think it’s a great alternative snack for little ones. I’m usually a huge fan of Organix Goodies, those little soft oaty bars hang out in the glove box of my car and in the baby bag, I never let them run out. Little life savers. However, these little flavoured Puffcorn treats didn’t go down too well, with any of the kids.


As always Organix Goodies pledge the no junk promise – no added crap basically. The new Banana and Sweet Cinnamon Puffcorns are suitable for children 12+ months, they are gluten free but they may contain traces of dairy as they are produced in a factory that handles dairy. They come in a four pack and each packet contains 10g of organic bitesize Organix puffcorn.

Unfortunately, when put to the test by all three kids the Organix puffcorn in both flavours didn’t get the seal of approval. The eldest at first liked the flavour of the Sweet Cinnamon but she said they were chewy, hard and got stuck in her teeth. The little fella didn’t say much because he picks and chooses when he wants to talk but he gave his cup of treats to the wow-wow and the babog, who is baby led weaned (she’s 9 months old and eats everything) wiped her hand over her tray and pushed them to the floor. She wasn’t impressed either.

It was a no from my bunch this time, so I can’t recommend these alternative treats but that’s not to say your kids won’t like them too. They are available from all major retailer now and a pack of 4 retails for £1.99.

We received some Organix Puffcorn for the purpose of an honest review, all thoughts and opinions my own, or of the kids.


11 Comments on Organix Goodies Banana and Sweet Cinnamon Puffcorn Review

  1. We tried these too but my girls really enjoyed them. You can’t win them all though hey?!

  2. Oh no, that’s such a shame the puffcorns didn’t pass the taste-test with your little ones. I must say though i do like the sound of these and the fact Organix don’t use additives or anything in their products so i think we shall still give them a try anyway! xx

  3. My son loves the Organix Goodies so I’ll have to see if my local supermarket sell these ones for him to try. It’s a shame your little ones don’t like them they do sound good.

  4. Goes to show that kids are so different. I didn’t get my oldest to try them but my youngest liked her first bag. Second though she didn’t want. But we have yet to try the sweet cinnamon.

  5. Banana is an odd choice if you ask me. It doesn’t translate (!!) well as a flavour unless it’s the real thing. My boys are way too old for Organix now but I know they wouldn’t be fans either.

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