The Oblumi tapp, an infrared digital thermometer is a small innovative device that allows you to take your child’s temperature through a medically accurate infrared sensor when connected to a mobile phone. 

The infrared digital thermometer Oblumi Tapp device comes with an adaptable lid for the forehead, a protective grey case, a handful of cleaning wipes and a booklet with instructions for use. Along with the device, you must download the Oblumi tapp app available on both iOS and Android to complete the process.


Setting up was pretty straight forward. Rip open the box, download the app and follow the instructions the app sets out for you. I had it set up within minutes. Then attach the Oblumi tapp to the headphone jack on your mobile and off you go. It really is as simple as 1,2,3.

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App and Device Features

  • You can have different profiles for your children, and you can create as many ‘patients’ as you want. For now, I just have Kadie and Frankie set up.
  • When creating the kids profiles you can add their weight, age, name and a little profile picture.
  • The app calculates the medicine dosage automatically for you.
  • It sends and receives notifications.
  • You can activate an alarm so you don’t forget medication or check child’s temperature again.
  • The Oblumi device is tiny so it won’t take up any room in your baby bag.
  • As well as been an app you can log in and check profiles from any laptop or PC.
  • The Oblumi gives more than 5000 reads before the batteries need replacing.
  • And finally, not only can you check your child’s temperature on their forehead using the infrared sensor and in the ear, you can also check the temperature of liquids too, that’s if you are crazy enough to heat babies bottles in the first place (I learned my lesson on babog #1, room temperature all the way for us here now).


I’ll be honest I didn’t hold out much hope for it, I assumed it would be one of those things that ended up in the back of the press. But I was genuinely surprised at the features and the simplicity of the whole device.

I’ve used the infrared digital thermometer a number of times now, my little babog has been stuffed up with a head cold so I’ve been keeping a close eye on her, especially at night because it’s been so warm outside too. I prefer the infrared forehead reading when she is sleeping because I don’t have to disturb her in any way and the ear piece when she’s awake. Oblumi won’t like this but I had to retest her the first couple of times with my digital thermometer to confirm the Oblumi readings. It was the exact same, on both occasions. I trust the readings are accurate.


The one downfall of the Oblumi for me is, it is not suitable for taking the temperature of newborn babies (up to 4 months old). Not that I have ever needed to take a temperature of such a small baby, but what if.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Oblumi Tapp thermometer, I found it very handy especially throughout the night and the boy also hates thermometers and he loved getting his temperature taking with my phone. It was all a big game to him. I would most definitely purchase ‘the now family thermometer‘ for a friend expecting. It costs €49.95 and is available direct from Oblumi.

I received this Oblumi Tapp for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. This is an interesting little gadget, very modern day! It certainly looks like it takes a more accurate temperature reading, I always had trouble with the ones you put on the forehead! x

  2. Looks great very high tech think my fave feature would be the dosage one that would be super handy c

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