Lovely bit of sun here in Dublin, and to top if off Daddy had a whopper hangover and decided to take the day off.  After a four hour nap with Frankie this morning, I was full of beams. Let’s go the beach I said. It will be fun I said.

And the car was packed. The kids, a picnic, flicker for the big kid, an old umbrella buggy and Frankie’s wishbone bike. Let the adventure begin…

Until we sat in traffic for forty-five minutes in the blistering heat.

‘I’m cold’ WTF?

Babog cries.

‘Wan me num-nums’

Babog cries.

‘My finger is falling off’

‘It’s too hot’

‘Ouch he’s hitting me’

Babog cries.

‘Are we there yet?’

We pull off the motorway to sooth baby to realise we have forgotten the baby bag, you know that bag with all the essentials like nappies, wipes, bottles and sun cream, yeah that one.

Hometime. We’ve only been on the road an hour like…

I get the baby bag. We get McFlurrys. Baby out cold. Big kid out cold. Boy having a disco in the back of the car. Grand.

We arrive. We find a lovely little spot. We set up, strip off and…

lets-go-the-beach-they-said-it will-be-fun-they-said-beach

The boy throws sand at the people beside us.

The babog cries cause the stones don’t taste nice.

lets-go-the-beach-they-said-it will-be-fun-they-said

The babog takes off her sun hat for the millionth time.

The big kid had a wet sand fight with random kids and gets some in one of their eyes.

We get ATTACKED by millions of flies.

The boy won’t take his runners off cause he’s afraid of the sand.

The babog cries cause the sand doesn’t taste nice.

The boy won’t eat his sambo cause there is sand on it.

The boy won’t eat his sambo cause there is sand on his knee.

The boy won’t eat another sambo cause there’s no ‘namm’ (jam) on it.

I observe Joe, who is wishing he had gone to work.

The daredevil-big-kid tempts fate by going out further than ever one else in the water. She thinks she’s deadly. She trips over and almost drowns.

The boy eats a packet of waffles, gets bored, pours them down my back and squirts a fruit shoot on them/me.

Joe threatens to throw him in the water. AND ALMOST FALLS IN HIMSELF. HILARIOUS!

lets-go-the-beach-they-said-it will-be-fun-they-said

The boy sneaks half a can of Club Orange into him as I’m tending to the babog.

Big kid has a fit cause I drop her towel by accident and everyone see’s her bum. She hates me. It’s all my fault.

After forty minutes on the beach, we had enough. Ice-creams. Off to the park. Peace. Everyone is happy. Babog most of all is in her element. The first smile we’ve seen all day.

lets-go-the-beach-they-said-it will-be-fun-they-said

On route I have a fight with our stupid single Mamas and Papas umbrella buggy and its stupid buckled wheel. I act like a crazed lunatic kicking wheels and stomping. People actually walked around me, staring. I can see some woman debating whether to give me a hug or not. She opts to give me an awkward smile, I may have hissed at her.

lets-go-the-beach-they-said-it will-be-fun-they-said

Some woman passes us with her knockers hanging out. I can see Joe from a distance looking back to see if he can get another glance as the boy shouts out ‘boobies’. FML. Like father like son.

And then we really call it quits. Everyone is shattered. The big kid is STARVING. ‘Bag of chips with loads of salt and vinegar’ she says. After an hour in the queue, mission complete.

‘They are too hot’.

‘Arrgggh. The salt is burning my cuts’.

‘I need to go the toilet’.

‘I’m still starving’.

And then we were home. With three loads of washing. And three hyper kids.

Let’s go the beach she said. It will be fun she said…

14 Comments on Let’s Go The Beach She Said, It Will Be Fun She Said…

  1. Couldn’t help but smile reading this. Despite the fact your day clearly didn’t go to plan, at least you guys had fun making some memories together! What journey/day out is ever simple where kids are concerned eh? xx

  2. So funny.
    We went to the local splash park today which resulted in my 18 month old crying because he hated the water, crying because he was then hungry, hated having his hat on so we came home he’s now having a nap and I wish I’d just taken him to the park.

  3. This has made me laugh. I took my son to the local splash park today and regretted it. He cried as he didn’t like the water, than because he was hungry and hated wearing his Sun hat.

  4. Hehe, maybe you’ll laugh about this day one day! Maybe… I do love going to the beach, and it’s alright with one kid, and that’s still tiring. I’m not sure if we’ll be going as much when there are two – oh the stress! xx

  5. Such cute photos and such an honest post, I absolutely loved reading through all this! I only have one child and I can relate so much! I do love a day at the beach x

  6. I hate these days! So many good intentions, all falls apart the second you get out of the door. At least you got home in one piece!!! x

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