It’s getting pretty close to my due date now, in fact, I’ve less than a month till little miss arrives. As each and every wonderful birth story comes in I’m constantly wondering how this labour will go. I’ve had three natural, spontaneous and very quick labours, will this one be the same? This week reader Cathy O Brien has sent her little Hannahs birth story in, from breech to induction to an emergency c-section she shares it all. Hope you enjoy this weeks installment.

Disaster Strikes On Route For An Induction
I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and my partner and I had been trying for a baby, 4 years in total. I went to the GP and was later referred to a consultant in Portuincula hospital in Galway. I had my blood drawn monthly and was put on medication as I wasn’t ovulating even though I was getting a period every month. Anyways, after 6 months of medication, they upped my dose of Clomid and on the third month of the higher dosage I got my big fat positive! I was in disbelief. I did six pregnancy tests, seven if you include the doctors one. We were absolutely over the moon.

I requested an early scan as I was really nervous but also very eager to see my baby! We had the scan around 10 weeks and everything was fine, we could even see the little heart beat. I had a very easy pregnancy, for the most part, I was admitted once for high blood pressure but I didn’t need to go on medication for it in the end. At the 20 week scan we found out we were having a girl and I cried for Ireland, not because I really wanted a girl, I actually have no idea why it was just extremely emotional.

At 35 weeks we discovered baby was breech and they started talking to me about a section and to be honest I was a little disappointed. I went home and googled how to move a breech baby and I found yoga and stuff that apparently helps, ha! Down on my hands and knees with my bum in the air for ten minutes three times a day, sweating! The yoga did nothing but she moved at 38 weeks, I was delighted and the section was canceled.

My due date (22nd Oct) came and went and I was booked in for induction on the 30th Oct. I was told to come in for 7am. We left the house about 5.30 even though we only live a half an hour away. It felt like the middle of the night, it was cold and pitch dark. We were on the motorway and all the lights on the dashboard started to fade and smoked started coming from the engine and then the car just stopped!

Yep, our car broke down! None of our families live anywhere near us so in a panic, I called the Gardai! I couldn’t speak I was that hysterical, we were on a part of the motorway that had no lights and it was now raining!! I couldn’t believe what was happening. A very nice garda came booting it up the motorway and saved us. He was full of chat and to this day I can’t remember what we were talking about. It gets worse… We got to Ballinasloe and the road was all dug up and there were temporary traffic lights which were red when we got to them so the garda turned on his blue lights and broke the traffic lights and we arrived at the hospital with the lights flashing. Scarlet!

I had called ahead to let them know what was going on and we eventually got admitted around 7.30. The midwife thought the whole thing was gas, I still didn’t at this point. She wouldn’t even take my vitals cause I was still up to ninety so she went and got me a cup of tea and a while later we got the ball rolling. I was given the gel and was sent down to the ward and was told I’d be checked at one. At about eleven I started getting mild contractions so at about twelve we decided to go for a walk.

At one I was put on a trace and oh my god, I never heard a trace machine make noises like this before, it was all over the place. Not five minutes later the room was full of people. Doctors and nurses, stripping me off, sticking me with needles and giving me something to drink in case they have to put me under. WHAT??

I was then told the baby was just a bit tired but we have to do an emergency section, now. A porter arrived with a trolly and I hopped onto it. I was crying, my partner was crying, it was horrific, I was so scared. We got theater and I remember one particular nurse who was so nice, when the man was doing the epidural she was talking away to me constantly, again I couldn’t tell you about what. The doctor who was doing the section came in a did a quick doppler and she looked at me and said ”that baby is fine” then the tears started again. I was all set up and they let my partner in and he looked a fright, I asked him was he ok and he told me not to worry about him. Before we knew it she was out, she didn’t cry which was really scary. She was born at 2.11pm weighing 7lbs 6oz. They showed her to me and the doctors took her away and my partner went with her. A few minutes later they brought her back into me and a young lady doctor with face paint (Halloween) told me she was absolutely fine and that she didn’t need oxygen or anything.


She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life and she was mine and she was here. It was all so surreal. We went to recovery and she breastfed the whole time we were there, it was amazing.

There is a whole collection of birth stories on the blog if you would like to see more. Birth stories go live every Sunday at 9pm but let’s be honest it is never actually on time. If you would like to feature your birth story drop me an email at

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