During the rare heatwaves, my little babogs always seem to go on a food strike, and if I’m honest it stresses me out something terrible at times. I’ll try anything to keep them snacking, cool and hydrated, and these little healthy snacks seem to be working a treat.

Frozen Yogurt Bites

Two ingredient frozen yogurt bites go down really well here. You can use any type of fruit in these, we’ve tried banana, raspberry and blueberries so far. Babble have an easy peasy how to recipeyou can’t go wrong with this one. Although mine never look anything like in the picture.

Smoothies & Fruit Popsicles

Thefirstyearblog.com has it covered with a gorgeous rainbow smoothie and ice pop recipeThey are a bit of work and we’re not fans of beetroot so we skip the top layer when making these. They are time-consuming, again mine don’t ever look like the above picture but they are super yummy and refreshing.

Frozen Grapes

A simple and easy way to not only sneak some snacks into the kiddies but it’s also a simple way to cool them down. Stephanie over ar realfoodenthusiast.com has an effortless how to recipe on her blog but I recommend slicing the grapes in half before freezing if you are giving them to toddlers or young children. And if they become missiles at the table I cannot be held responsible.

Flavoured Water

how-to-keep-the-kids-hydrated-cool-and-eating-during-the-summer-heatwave-fruit skewers flavoured-water
I love flavoured water, cucumber with a little bit of mint is one of my favourites. For a simple flavoured water recipe for the kids check out superhealthykids.com for some lovely flavoured water ideas.

Fruit skewers

how-to-keep-the-kids-hydrated-cool-and-eating-during-the-summer-heatwave-fruit skewers
The most popular and easiest of ways to get some natural fruit juices and a little snack into the kids. If you don’t have plastic skewers you can just use uncooked spaghetti, it works well here. Eatsamazing.com have a simple rainbow fruit skewer tutorial over on their website.

Have you any summer snack or hydration tips to share?

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9 Comments on Fun & Healthy Ways To Keep the Kids Snacking & Hydrated This Summer

  1. You’ve got some real yummy and delicious ideas here! We absolutely love coming up with fun and healthy snack ideas for the summer. A couple of our favourites are ‘Rainbow Fruit Ice Cubes’ and ‘Frozen Yoghurt Bark’. xx

  2. These are some really great ideas! I love frozen yogurt so the froyo bites sound yummy! The smoothie popsicle looks amazing! I could never make it look that cool! x

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