Yesterday I pretty much spent the day holding back the tears. One minute I was fine and the next I was lost in thought about the body of a baby girl found in a recycling plant in Co. Wicklow. 

Again social media has been lit up with nasty, shameful comments about this very tragic situation. People are far to quick to judge the mother of this child and worst yet nobody knows what really happened.

Somewhere out there is a young girl or woman that has lost a baby. I can’t begin to imagine how distressed she is or her frame of mind. Nobody knows her circumstances.
To think this poor woman may have felt that this was her only option. It’s 2016, this really should not be happening.

For all we know she could be a young teenager that concealed her pregnancy terrified to tell her parents. She could also be a victim and may have been forced to give the baby up. We don’t know if this mother is suffering from depression. There are so many scenarios but really WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

What we do know is Garda are very concerned for this mothers well being, as am I and they are appealing for her to come forward, and I really hope she does. This poor woman or child needs help!

Please, enough with the ludicrous comments, where is your empathy?

13 Comments on Where Is Your Empathy?

  1. Desperately tragic tale. I found it a very difficult read and must confess to avoiding it. You are right about empathy. We just don’t know.

  2. Great post hun, people are far to quick to judge without even knowing the circumstances around it xx

  3. This is dreadful – I have clearly been in a blissful bubble and (as I admittedly haven’t had the news on this weekend at all) I’ve missed this. It is so tragic. In these cases there is always the finger pointing – children are taken and murdered playing in their street in a small hamlet and it’s the parent’s fault because they let them play out, a mother kills herself and her baby and her legacy is to be demonised forever by people without thought or care on the internet.

    I truly hope the woman in questions comes forward, if she can – though it won’t save her from a race that seems to have melted it’s empathy and kindness on the keyboard. H x

  4. It is so sad that we are so quick to jump to conclusions without all the information.

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