So the boy is two and there’s all this talk of potty training, big boys beds and getting rid of his bedtime boppy. Now if you were to ask me I’d have said he was grand. I’d rather leave him in his cage like bed for the moment, at least until the new baby arrives. I ain’t got the energy to be chasing him around upstairs cause let’s face it, he’s gonna run a muc when he gets his new bed. As for the boppy, he’s a sleeper. Why fix something that ain’t broken?

Joe has started introducing him to the big boys toilet. It’s all novelty. Nothing is happening the past week, apart from the excitement of sitting there and praying people outside can’t hear him scream ‘me willy‘ whilst he laughs and claps hysterically.


I still have Kayla’s potty’s, books and unused bed time pull-ups ’cause I’m an awful hoarder. I also picked up this yoke off the mama (wish) app for a couple of euro’s. It’s a boys urinal but he mostly wears it on his head.

Anyways, this evening as I was stripping him off for a quick shower he said ‘wee-wee‘ pointing at the toilet so I popped him on it as you do. He then made a funny face and shouted ‘oh‘. I didn’t know what was going on so I bent down to have a little look.

Big mistake.

He pissed in my face.

Right on my nose, dripping down into my mouth as I screamed in horror. Kayla laughed. Frankie laughed. My screams woke the sleeping baby.

My introduction to potty training is over. He can wear nappies till he’s ten as far as I’m concerned.

12 Comments on How Not To Potty Train Your Toddler

  1. Haha! I’m sorry but this made me chuckle! My boy is three this month and still not ready for me to potty train him, so I’ve not had him piss in my face thankfully! I love that potty you’ve used in the picture! x

  2. Hahaha!! Aaah I LOVE this!! This is EXACTLY where I’m at with the twins. One of them has cracked potty training (apart from the occasional slip up) but the other? Aah man. It’s just not worth pushing it. And ditto the bed thing. Both of them still have the sides on their cots — they don’t climb out and are showing no interest in having the sides taken off. Good, as far as I’m concerned. As you say — why fix it, if it aint broken?! 😉

  3. At nearly two and a half Alex is still caged in, still has a morning and evening bottle of milk, is nowhere near ready for potty training and still has a soother. And like you I ain’t fixing what ain’t broken, no matter what people say or think of me! I’ll wait until he’s nearer 3 to potty train and get rid of the soother but he can drop the bottles himself (within reason) and stay caged as long as is necessary. I’m dreading moving him into a big boys bed!

  4. Oh lord! Boys and their willies! I’m about to start toilet training my little girl – thank goodness girls’ wee is more able to go in the right direction 😉

  5. Haha Hilarious! I can just imagine that scenario! Such a fun read. I have just potty trained my little boy took a while but we did it! xx

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