My dates have been confirmed, I’m still due on the 25th of July but my OBs would still like to induce me early. I’m gonna play it cool and just not gonna show up. Can you do that? Like can they section you to come into the hospital? I can only imagine two guards arriving at the door ‘I am arresting you on suspicion of not delivering your baby…‘. 

I have this itch, one those I wanna punch you in the face if you look at me crooked itches. Mainly located on my expanding bump but some evenings it can spread right down my legs. So if I’m in your company and I’m standing, I’m standing for a reason. Also, if you see Kadie been insanely bounced up and down on my knee, I’m half entertaining her – half relieving myself.

Talking about legs I’ve had a few of those leg cramps. You know those ones where you think you are dying, when you hop up out of the bed like a loo-laa, actually that’s a lie. When you roll and drop out of the bed and your other half looks at you in fear cause you have that possessed look about you. Yeah, there not fun.

My bump is now visible through my trusted winter coat (winter coats in Ireland in summer is the norm for those reading from abroad!) so pretty much everyone knows I’m pregnant. I’m waiting for someone to drop condoms through the letter box. I’m sure it’ll happen any day now.

I had a gestational diabetes test last week. I hate Lucozade, especially warm Lucozade at 8am in the morning. I’d been fasting from 8pm the night before and for someone who doesn’t eat much in the evenings I wanted spice bags and Domino’s and Doritos, basically food, I wanted lots of food. I made it through the night only to be asked had I ‘been fasting from midnight‘ when I arrived for the test. Midnight, f**king midnight she says. I’ve never wanted to cry like a baby so much in all my life. My fourth pregnancy, my fourth test, and nobody ever told me you only have to fast from midnight! Oh and FYI, if you are fasting that includes medication. I saw some poor women sent home because she took her daily medication before the test. I cried a little for her, I wanted to get up and hug her.

I’m getting use to people’s reactions about my pregnancy now. I quite enjoy it really. When people ask how many months I am, I add a month on for the craic. Then they ask how old the babog is, ah their faces. It’s brilliant. More and more people are looking into the buggy saying, ‘twins‘? Most days I smile and nod, again the confusion when they actually open their eyes is priceless.

Kadie is thriving. Gliding from one side of the room to the other. Frankie is freaked about it. Everything is his or ‘mine‘, so he’s chasing her around but that is a good thing cause he does be b****xed. She said ‘da-da‘ last week and every minute since. I dunno why she doesn’t even like him. In fact, nobody calls him da-da round here, Kayla and Frankie call him Jojo. Yes, I’m bitter, very bitter.

I’ve accepted we have to upgrade to a mini bus. I can just see myself cruising along in a mammy wagon. As long as it has one of those partition windows that limos have to drown out the noise I’m sure I’ll be grand.

My nose is still bleeding like there is no tomorrow, that’s the joys of having low platelets. I’ve had a few Braxton Hicks and I still have a longing for chalk. Also, be warned the more babies you have the harder it is to hold your wee. I won’t go into detail, but I have said prayers on a few occasions.

I’m knackered, but I’ve been like that since Frankie was born so it’s nothing new really. I do have their morning naps down to a T though. I can go back to bed for an hour but normally I blog, drink coffee and enjoy the unusual peace and quiet.

There’s no more on the name front. I’m still loving Matilda ‘Tilly’ but Joes not feeling it at all. He’s not feeling any name, to be honest. The family has been requesting another K name, and I love the idea but it reminds of the Kardashians, and I everyone will think I’m their biggest fan or something. My aunt who’s name begins with an A also has three girls all named with an A and I love it, so maybe. Oh, I dunno. Naming kids gets harder the more you have. 

So that’s it on the whole ‘OMG YOUR PREGNANT AGAIN’ front. I’m winging it, while also shitting it, trying to take each day as it comes. My next update will most likely be ‘get this thing out of me‘ so until then I leave you with this. Makes every kick and sleepless night worth it!

Oh and my blog turned two yesterday, TWO! Happy birthday to me! Huge thank you to all of you who put up with my shit grammar, rants, and the constant baby pictures. I’ve met some amazing people, made the best of friends and had some fabulous opportunities on here and it’s all thanks to you guys who engage with my blog so THANK YOU. 

10 Comments on Pregnancy Update Week 28

  1. eeeek no long now! It is always funny seeing what people have to say about the number of kids you have. my sister has quads and its always ‘are they all yours’? Do people think she just rounds up random kids to go to the supermarket?!

  2. I had to have the gestational diabetes test too and it was awful! I nearly passed out at the end of it because I got really low blood sugar and just as they took the blood everything went black! Argh! H x

  3. So close!! I love the comments people make, in my pregnancy it was constant speculation as to her hair colour and now she’s here, everyone’s obsessively looking for any tiny hint of ginger!xx

  4. Ha, I love that you are enjoying seeing the faces on people asking how many months pregnant you are and looking at the baby! I think I’d probably do the same. I have three and get people telling me all the time I’m crazy for having three and asking if I’m going to have any more. I sometimes like to say maybe another two or three and I love the look of horror on their faces! Personally, I think big families are awesome. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. I also love the name Matilda. x

  5. I love reading your posts! They’re so relateable! It seems your very calm and relaxed and fair dues, I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly for you. I’ve just had my third and my oldest has just turned 4!

  6. Ooooh t’s not that long, if you don’t want an induction though you don’t HAVE to take it. All up to you. Happy Birthday to your blog too! xx

  7. I love the way you write, it’s so happy and upbeat even when you write about the harder side of pregnancy. Ah it’s weird, I’m horrendous pregnant but this made me miss it a bit. Eek, not long now

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