Been a grand couple of weeks. Some nice weather, bit of a breeze to keep cool. Joe even made me a washing line… He told me he’d get me one of those wind-up yokes.


The baby teased us with two FULL NIGHTS SLEEP IN HER OWN COT. There was all this talk of putting her in Kayla’s room then bang she’s climbing up her cot half kneeling-awkwardly standing smiling at us. She’ll sleep through soon, I just know it, I can feel it in my bones.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday. Platelets are grand, my current count is 83 which is good for me especially this stage in pregnancy. However, my haemoglobin levels are 8.7, not so good. And I wouldn’t mind you I’ve been taking Spa Tone for the past few weeks, just goes to show how little iron is actually in them. Galfer it is, bring on the tummy pains and constipation.

Joe’s nesting, he finished the painting in the sitting room that he started before Christmas at 7am Sunday morning. I feel like a little part of my life is complete. I’ve also started putting together my hospital bag because we’ve been housebound as both babogs have been sick.

We went to Powerscourt Waterfall on Sunday, beautiful day aside from the horrendous traffic and thousands of wasps. We met up with some of my mams workmates, and they were all saying how well behaved Frankie was. Ha! On route home, he puked all over the car, and Kayla and well everywhere. I couldn’t get out of the car quick enough, just like that viral post doing the rounds I’m a sympathetic puker. I couldn’t even look at him and I was heaving. Poor Kayla, she had to sit beside him the whole way home. The two smallies had it for a good 48 hours, littlest is fine but the boy still isn’t eating.  He’s all cuddly and very attached. The bug has taken the life out of him.


I still want to gorge on chalk, I’m bl**dy exhausted running around after the three kids and the heartburn is horrendous now too. I’ve puked ’cause it got so bad some evenings. My bump feels and looks huge, I think it’s my biggest bump for 30 weeks compared to my other pregnancies. My hair, skin and nails are all amazing. Except I have a woeful rash on my arms again, it comes every pregnancy until about 35 weeks and then disappears again. My MooGoo is working wonders keeping the itchy scratchy away (when I remember to use it).

I’ve downloaded the GentleBirth app, and well I’m not completely sold yet. I’m not the meditation or mindfulness kind of person at all – a coffee and a good nap would do me BUT it’s full of great calming and deep relaxation tracks, just what I need after a busy day in this house. The other day one of the affirmations kept telling me ‘I was born to birth’, I couldn’t stop laughing – how does she know I’m in my mid-twenties on my fourth babog.

So that’s pretty much it, apart from the fact I braved my Ob’s and told her I did not want an induction and she told me ‘that’s fine’, I couldn’t believe it was as simple as saying no. Me here with my big mouth throwing out all these big words on this blog and I go into that little room and I’m like a mouse. So YAH! to no unnecessary induction just cause I labour quickly. Now I’ve just to make it to the hospital on time and prove her wrong, no pressure at all there.

It’s bloggy awards season and I’m shortlisted as Best Parenting Blog in the Maternity & Infant Awards 2016… go on, give us a VOTE (p.s the easiest way to vote is to sign in with Facebook). 


10 Comments on Pregnancy Update Week 30

  1. My haemoglobin was 8.9 at about that stage in each pregnancy. I’m not a great meat eater so I often have to take Galfer but it really doesn’t suit me in pregnancy. Would be feeling sick and constipated after only 1. I tried all the brands and found Ferrograd the easiest to take. Might be worth a try!

  2. The heartburn is woeful – doesn’t help when you’ve to chase around after other kids all day! And I’m struggling to love the Gentlebirth tracks too. I might just stick with relaxing yoga music instead. That’s great news on avoiding an induction.

  3. Considering I’m a vegetarian, I never had to take iron during pregnancy, only after birth! I’m so glad (and lucky!) that I didn’t ever need to take it for long! I can’t imagine I would have had much time for the Gentlebirth app, not my sort of thing 😉

  4. Urgh, I totally feel for you with the car puking incident. Car seats are a terror to clean of sick.

    Congrats on your nomination. Will swing by later to vote.

  5. I was so lucky not to have heart burn at all, My friend however suffers so bad. So glad your OB is happy for you to not be induced having a baby should be about what you want.x

  6. Look at that beautiful bump! Sorry to hear little man was unwell, I must say I avoided that viral video (fellow sympathetic). It’s pretty awesome that your other half nests…. Really can’t underestimate a decent washing line and all those little odd jobs that somehow never get done in my house…… It’s the final countdown now, I’m glad your midwife was supportive, it’s so important we feel able to make decisions about our own labour. Empowering

  7. Your bump is beautiful, even with all the aches pains and worries I still miss being at that stage. Well done you for choosing not to have an induction, power to you!
    Cydney x

  8. Looks like you’re doing just fine. You have this whole baby business down to a T now. When’s baby number 5 due? 😉
    Looks like a normal bump to me. Best of luck with it. 4 kids is going to be tough.

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