The Little Stork and My Given Name is a magical personalised children’s books written and created by Kevin Tyler, and illustrated by Pushan Chakravarty. The Little Stork and My Given Name was created to send positive messages to kids in an adventurous read, and we received a deluxe hard case book for Kayla to review worth £23.90 (softbound is £19.95).


The Little Stork and My Given Name tells a story of a little stork named Bindee who cannot fly but has a tough little task of visiting a Wizard on Given Mountain to deliver your child’s birth certificate, and on that journey Bindee meets some animals who help with choosing your child’s given name.

My daughter Kayla is six, and she is a fantastic reader. I envy her reading skills, as sometimes if I’m tired she will correct me or spot that I’ve skipped a line or two. Clever little bugger. Anyways she put the book to the test and these are her findings…


The book is very pretty. I had a feeling I had seen it before but my mammy told me it was a new book, that there was no way I would have seen it on a book shelf or read it before. I think the stork is cute, but his name is very strange. Bindee doesn’t sound like a storks name. The pictures are lovely and I like all the colours.

Sometimes my mammy got very confused reading it. Sometimes we had to go back to the start of the page because I got confused too. When we met the animals and creatures on Bindee’s adventure to find my name I knew I had seen this book before. I have a book called Lost My Name and they are very alike.

Bindee meets a Koala Bear, an Aardvark, a Yeti, a Lion, and an Anteater. I had to get out of bed the first night we read it and get my Lost My Name book to show mammy. In that book when I Lost My Name I meet a Knight, an Aardvark, a Yeti, a Lion an Angel. So now I have two name books, one about how I got my name and another about when I lost it. And I don’t even know what an Aardvark is, why are these in all my books?


So there you have it, striking similarities and I didn’t even have to tell you. The My Given Name website is easy to navigate, and creating your book is really simple. You can personalise you child’s book by name, gender, and ethnicity and it’s aimed at children up to eight years old. Personally, I love the concept of the book but I found it a complicated read, and there is no denying the book is beautiful, bit pricey for my families budget but a gorgeous keepsake all the same. It would make a unique birthday gift for a child especially if they have an unusual name.


For more information on My Given Name check out their website.

I received this book in return for an honest review.

8 Comments on The Little Stork & My Given Name | Children’s Personalised Book Review

  1. Love things like this as there was nothing with my name on it when I was a child! Consequently I have bought my kids all sorts of personalised stories and other items. Will be taking a closer look xx

  2. I love the concept and thought behind these types of books. We already have the Lost My Name books which are a firm favourite with the boys but i’ve never heard of this particular one before. Will definitely be taking a closer look! xx

  3. I love personalised things. When I was younger I could never find anything with my name on so whenever I see a book with Isabella or Bella on it, I have to buy it! xo

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