I have a lot of grá for the Ikea antilop high chair. It’s easy to clean, light weight, it doesn’t stain, its sturdy and most of all it’s only €16. We have two of them. I’ve even more gra for it now that I figured out this Ikea Antilop High Chair Hack.

If you’ve been following my snaps today you’ll have seen the mess. If you didn’t catch it we had lots of fun with poster paint, the kids made a huge mess and we took the complete and utter piss out of Daddy. The clean up wasn’t as fun.

The baby is growing out of her shnuggle bath and if I’m honest I was afraid it would stain the foam so we randomly decided to remove the legs off her Antilop and popped it directly into the bath – with her in it.

ikea antilop high chair hack

Even though she is sitting up and sturdy, she needs support from being knocked around in the bath by the toddler. Yes, I bath them both together, sometimes all three of them. Anyways thanks to our clever Ikea Antilop High Chair Hack we won’t be investing in a bath seat as her Antilop does the job and the straps get a little clean down too.

Your welcome.

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22 Comments on Ikea Antilop High Chair Hack

  1. Haha what a great hack! You are a genius. I will be doing this tonight – I can’t cope with Edith climbing at the moment, she even managed to climb OUT of the bath and onto the side where the taps are. I wanted to sob! H x

    • Oh, it’s all fun and games when they get active in the bath. Even though the antilop is light weight the water hold it in place. We’ve used it again since publishing this post. Think or Shnuggle bath is gone out the window now.

  2. Very handy indeed. I kept the chicco high chair for my second child. I’m really picky when it comes to high chairs. Good hack.

  3. This is genius. We’ve actually got one going spare so I’m definetly doing this. Such a clever hack x

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