I can’t believe we are on week six of the birth story series, the weeks are flying by before I know my fourth babog will be here. This week Laura Begley, a My Little Babog reader is sharing her induction/emergency c-section story as part of the series. I hope you enjoy it and a big thank to Laura for sharing it with us…

My Induction/C-Section Story by Laura Begley

Finally, my due date arrived, it was the 27th May 2013. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years already. I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant, shocked at first but then the excitement began to grow as my bump grew. I went from small to huge at six months and I was always afraid to walk far because I always thought “what if I can’t waddle back?”.

It happened to me this one time when someone told me a long walk helps bring on the labour. Off I went for this walk with my boyfriend and there I was half way home and decided I couldn’t walk any further. I thought the laughing would have brought the labour on but no little miss stubborn stayed in for another nine days.

I was attending Portlaoise Hospital, a thirty minutes drive away if I did happen to go into labour so I was quite calm when it came to my due date. I packed my hospital bag over a hundred times to see if I had everything. I had my appointment with the midwife that Friday, five days overdue at that stage. And yes before you ask I was really tired as my baby must have thought my bladder was her pillow, my ankles were now cankles, I just wanted my baby.

On that Friday, my midwife sent me for a sweep – that didn’t work.  It was Wednesday the 5th of June before anything happened, I was now eight days overdue. I Arrived at the hospital to be induced at 8am and by 8pm that night, there was still no sign. You can only imagine how impatient I was getting.

The doctor applied the gel and confirmed I was now 1cm dilated. I requested an epidural, I remember my mams words clearly “make sure you get an epidural!”. Then  about 11pm the doctor decided he would break my waters. Well, that’s my dignity gone out the windows as everyone has been to me at this stage and I still don’t have my baby!

My midwife told me to get up and go for a walk to help move things along but half way down the corridor I couldn’t walk, the pain was unreal. I take my hat off to people who went natural and without pain relief, my god!

It was now 1am, I’d been in labour for 17 hours, and my baby was beginning to show signs of distress. Before I knew it I had an epidural and had all these doctors telling me to jump over onto their bed, “eh I’m completely numb and can’t feel my legs… not that easy!”

So many people asked me how I felt. And if I’m completely honest I was petrified, this was my first surgery ever to have. I was brought down I was given all the drugs, and before I knew it Alicia was born 6th June 2013 at 3.28am weighing 9lbs 8oz. She was beautiful. The tears just didn’t stop.

I don’t remember going back to the ward but I do remember my boyfriend going to the nursery to mind Alicia and then next thing I was in the ward and my baby was right beside me.


What an amazing feeling. I did it.

I was very sore and I didn’t know how my body would heal. I was told it would take 6 weeks. Alicia was born on Thursday and by Sunday, I was going home, extremely sore and tender but I had lots of help and believe it or not by week three I was up out showing off my baby.

I know next time I’ll have to have a section but at least now I know what to expect. I would rather a section if I had to choose.

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9 Comments on Birth Story #6 | My Induction/Emergency C-Section Birth Story | Laura Begley

  1. My labour story is very similar to this with being induced, having an epidural followed by an emergency c-section. I think if I have another child I’m going to chose an elective section.

  2. My second pregnancy was an emergency section and I’ll admit I was terrified too which is very silly as I work in an operating theatre so you’d think I would feel comfortable in there. Thanks for sharing your birth story. I love reading them x

  3. I think anyone who has to have a c-section deserves a medal, I think it seems so much harder than pushing with the healing process! Thank goodness for drugs ey?! lol! x

  4. We thought my second baby at the beginning of this month was going to need to be born by section because my labour wasn’t progressing, then suddenly everything happened super quickly! Glad Alicia arrived safe and sound in the end xx

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