The past month has been awful here on the sleep front. I’ve broken down in tears too many time to count in recent weeks due to utter exhaustion. Yesterday Joe and I agreed without argument (for a change) that it was time to give Kadie her own room – in hope she would settle better at night. Wishful thinking but we are at the stage now that we just need some sleep…

I believe all babies are different, some sleep, some don’t. I also believe in a gentle approach, I don’t like CIO, I tried it on my first and it wasn’t for us. I’m a soft touch too, Kadie loves her cuddles and most nights she ends up with us, if not she’s in there before we even head to bed. Joe had also been hounding me for weeks to get in touch with Niamh from The Nursery, a gentle sleep consultant who basically guided us into getting Frankie sleeping through the night at six months old. I was reluctant, not because I didn’t believe it would work but because I don’t like been told what to do.


Kadie is my little babog, she’s just gone nine months old and I’m due in less than two months – if even that long and I have an awful guilt eating me up inside because when the new baby comes along she’s just going to have to grow up as such, as the new baby will need a lot of attention. I plan on breastfeeding again and we all know how much work it is in the first few days, never mind weeks, times that with three kids this time round, it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster.

I don’t get to have little pregnancy cat naps like I use to in my other pregnancies to recharge the batteries. And when everybody is sleeping I’m thinking of all the things I need to do so I can’t rest and find myself twisting and turning at all hours. Then when I eventually do fall asleep my little babog wakes, not for a soother or a bottle but to play. It’s exhausting.

After a bad day, I broke down, enough was enough. I needed sleep. At 32 weeks pregnant, I started pulling cots from rooms and rearranged all the bedrooms with the help of Joe of course. He gave out stink about me overdoing it in my ‘condition’, but I wouldn’t rest until it was done.

I got in touch with Niamh, and she guided us. She told me what we needed to do, she reassured me, she gave us tips, she praised Joe and she was there for me when I needed it most. It’s amazing what simple little words can do when you are at your witts end.

Niamh has advised us on changing her naps around as she would normally have a big nap in the morning, she assured me the fact Kadie slept in her buggy during the day wasn’t a huge deal either, something I’m judged for on a regular basis by family and friends.

Kadie is in Frankie’s room and Frankie in Kayla’s room. Not how I imagined it but the two big kids were dead excited about sharing, so much that at bedtime they were bed hoping for a good hour, in fits of giggles BUT they eventually slept in their own beds all night.

Kadie surprised us, we completed our usual routine and kissed her goodnight in her new room and left. I stood outside and there wasn’t a peep out of her. Not a tear, a whinge, she didn’t even turn over, she was out cold in minutes. Too good to be true, she woke in hysterics, that awful cry that pierces any mothers (or father’s) heart. I soothed her, gave her a soother and she was gone, again in minutes.

Joe and I went to bed anticipating a long night, everyone slept bar me. I waited for someone to wake up but they didn’t. Everyone slept through apart from one bottle at 2am. I won’t lie I cried this morning, happy tears of course.

It might be only one night in but I’m sticking to my guns because we just need some sleep…

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  1. I only have two with an 18 month gap, but I can empathise with your struggle. That awful inability to sleep at the end of pregnancy two is a cruel irony. Mainly caused by my own anxiety of course! Like you, I wouldn’t settle,had to pull cots out and move changing units and wouldn’t be told. I hate being told what to do.!I also kept writing lists to taunt myself!! I hope you get some rest now. It won’t be as bad as you think I found that new baby guilt left very quickly. It was all me-my eldest was fine!! Good luck with everything x

    • I’m taunting myself here with lists too, lists that keep getting longer. Hopefully, I’m still feeling some mammy guilt having my babies so close. They’ll be the best of friends as they get older though, won’t they? ha

  2. Sending all of the good sleepy vibes your way. There is absolutely nothing worse than that feeling of desperation where all you can do is cry because you’re so bloody tired. I can’t imagine how you’re managing three of them and one on the way on that level of deprivation! Fingers crossed this new arrangement is just what you needed!

    • It’s going really well. She’s waking once for a bottle and whips it out of my hand and she’s gone again. Fingers crossed it continues, I don’t know myself with all this sleep. Seems a little too good to be true.

  3. I have no idea how you do it all with 3 and another baby on the way but I takey hat off to you hun. Alex is almost 2.5 yo and for the last year has become am awful sleeper, waking 2-4 times a night. I’m exhausted and working full time and I seriously couldn’t cope with another right now which is putting me off having another. You’re absolutely rightto do whatever it takes to get some sleep. When BattleDad is home I either sleep with earplugs or in another room just to try get one unbroken nights sleep. You’re a superwoman in my eyes!

  4. This sounds so familiar! My 3rd didn’t sleep for the first 10 months- I was a zombie! Then he just did, simple as that! Glad it’s turning around for you, hope it lasts!! xx

  5. Well done lovely, it’s bloomin hard work! Toby went into his own room at 7 months but he never co slept (because he hated it!) and he improved a lot once he was in his room. I hope things keep going well for you and that you all sleep before baby arrives!xx

  6. Aww I bet you’re shattered. It’s such hard work when you have disturbed sleep. Mine is 6 months old at the mo and is waking a lot because of teething. Glad it worked for you and I hope it continues to do so x

  7. Bless you lovely, I love your approach to sleep… you just have to do what you have to do to feel at least a little normal. No sleep is not good for anyone you really are superwoman I hope you get some sleep soon x

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