Invest in a Portable DVD Player or Tablet
On a recent trip to Disneyland Paris, I would have been lost without Mamma Mia, my little one loves musicals and it kept her entertained before, during and after our flight. Even though the portable DVD added some bulk and weight to my bag, it was invaluable whilst travelling. If you choose to bring a tablet download some favourites movies before you leave and don’t forget to pack some earphones too.

Pack a Snack
Pre-pack some snacks for your flight. Most aeroplane food is overpriced and if I’m honest doesn’t taste the best. Pack some sandwiches, fruit, sweet treats and nibbles. I brought grapes, raisins and some sucky sweets and lollipops. The lollipops worked a treat for taking off and landing too, she never once complained about her ears and the sweets were great for bribes.

Download some Games and Apps or Bring a Nintendo DS
My eldest got a DS off Santa in her dad’s house, and I would have been lost without it. She played Mario for the guts of our bus journey when we arrived in France. I also had some games downloaded on my phone just in case, they weren’t needed but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Bring a pack of Cards
It may be loud but it’s better than a whingeing toddler. Snap is a must during any flight. You could also bring an activity magazine, a colouring book or stickers too. They will be sure to entertain, even if it’s only for ten minutes. Time is everything travelling with small.

Invest in a Trunki
Now we don’t have a Trunki but everywhere we looked kids had one. They are really popular around airports and clever little inventions. Not only can kids fill the Trunki with all their in-flight entertainment it has a strap so they can pull them along and they can sit on top of it whilst queuing. It really is genius! I’m getting one, or maybe three.

Get a Free European Health Insurance Card
Formally known as the E111 card in Ireland, anyone travelling within the EU should apply for a FREE European Health Insurance Card. It gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same cost as people insured in that country.

In Ireland, you can get more information on the EHIC and apply for free HERE. The EHIC also have an app that can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play store, and the Windows Phone Store.

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  1. These are great tips! My girls had a trunki and they loved it. But it has broken now so we are going to buy them a new one for this Christmas as we are hoping to travel again next year. There are great tips here.

  2. I had been a bit old school and insisted on no tech in the car until we had a long drive to do last summer from the South of England to the Lake District – I gave in and downloaded films onto the ipad and man it was a great decision. I can’t imagine such a long road trip taken up with I spy (especially as my youngest two have no idea how to paly it right but are determined to join in!). I will definitely also get trunki for our next plane journey.

  3. Great tips. I definitely agree about providing lots of entertainment for the children. I would also suggest magazines and sticker books. They seem to keep Little Miss H happy for hours. And the idea of lollipops to suck on during landing and take off is brilliant. Little Miss H loves her Trunki. She has a tiger and completely adores it. She loves helping me back all her clothes into it. Great post. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. And don’t forget to renew your EHIC card as they only last 5 years I think. BattleKid’s is up-to-date but before my recent trip to Portugal I found mine and BattleDad’s were out of date. Thankfully our new ones arrived before I travelled!

  5. I had to learn the hard way and not let mine have food….they get travel sick! But great tips for everything else! It is about getting through it and keeping them as happy as you can. Off to pin the post!

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