Teddies have a special healing power in our home, no matter if your big or small Teddy always manages to comfort with a warm hug. Back in January Kayla’s six-year-old Teddy disappeared from our Hotel in Disneyland Paris as we frolicked about in the parks. Unfortunately this trip wasn’t what dreams were made of as I spent the last day comforting her and making empty promises. I was sure Teddy would show up. He didn’t, we left France and Teddy was never seen again.

Teddy had been tucked into our bed before we left the room, and chamber maids never spotted him when changing the bed sheets, and he went on an adventure to an industrial laundrettes. We tried everything to get Teddy back. I spent hours at the Hotel reception, sent a stalkerish amount of emails, rang daily but nothing every showed up.

Kayla is still very upset over the whole thing, in fact we all are. Everybody knew how much this one Teddy meant her. Teddy had a story. Her father and I are separated, and well he won it in Bray from one of those money robbing machines while I was pregnant with her. It’s something we both gave her.

Since Teddy ‘went on an adventure‘ there has been a huge difference in Kayla’s attitude and behaviour at home and in school. Let’s just say it’s not the best, and it all began mid-January so I know the loss of her Teddy has had a huge impact on her.

Nobody or nothing will replace Teddy but we can sure try fill a little whole in her heart. We suggested adopting a Teddy from a local charity shop. Her dad and I teamed up and said we’d bring her out to Hamleys to choose a new furry little friend. But in the end she opted for me to find her a special teddy, a surprise. I was at a loss and didn’t know where to start and then I happened to cross paths with Cuddle + Kind.


Cuddle + Kind was set up by a family on a mission, they decided they wanted to improve the lives of children in need. Their idea is simple – they make high quality, fair trade, hand-knit dolls, and for every one sold, it provides 10 meals to children in need. Up until an hour ago they have provided 189,083 to children in North America and across the world.

Each of their hand-knit dolls are made in Peru by talented artisans from locally grown premium natural cotton and provide over 100 women with sustainable fair-trade income.


Last night as I was tucking her in I gave her Chloe the Bunny. I told her a little story about Chloe, her likes (great listeners, tall grass and cupcake frosting), dislikes (planes for obvious reasons), and stuff like her birthday and how she loves to ‘leave a little sparkle wherever you go‘. She hugged her how I imagined she’d hug Teddy if I ever found him. I’m not gonna lie I sobbed like a little baby.

I love everything about these beautiful hand crafted dolls, the attention to detail is next to none. They each have a little story, DOB and as above for every one sold ten kids get fed across the world, that’s awesome. Chloe is soft and cuddly, a little floppy but she’s quiet large so that’s to be expected, at approximately twenty inches in height there’s no chance of losing her. Chloe is going to be treasured, I just know it!

If you would like to check out more Cuddle + Kind dolls and their amazing story pop over to their website www.cuddleandkind.com.


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  1. I am sorry about the lost Teddy and it shows how much love your daughter has in her little heart. The Bunny is absolutely beautiful, I will have a look at their products as I love their ethic as well as their products.xx

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