We had a Public Health Nurse appointment this morning. Both babogs. I hymned and hawed about cancelling ’cause we had a really bad night. A nobody got any sleep night. My little babog is going through a sleep regression the past two nights and it’s taking it’s tole on everyone.

I’d never heard of sleep regression up until a few months ago. A blogger friend was having a rough time of it with her little babog and I had every sympathy for her lurking in the comments as I’d never experienced it. Till now.

She’s not teething, or hungry, or looking for a cuddle or overly clingy. She just wants to sleep but she can’t. She is waking up between two and six screaming the house down with exhaustion. I’m helpless. I feel awful guilty complaining about the sleep deprivation because she hasn’t a clue whats going on. She must have woke up at least twenty times last night. It’s a horrible situation for everyone. How daddy went to work this morning is beyond me.

She’s well ahead regarding milestones. She’s up on her knee’s, sitting up unaided and trying to pull her self up onto the sofa. It’s all too much for her little brain come night-time. She’s wired from the developmental leaps and quiet possible another growth spurt that she just can’t settle. I feel like a right twat complaining now about her waking up for feeds at night. I’d happily go back to that, I promise I won’t complain again.

We walked. Bit of fresh air will do us all good. You know ’cause sleep driving is as dangerous as drink driving and I didn’t trust myself. I was right.

Yep. Only noticed half way down the road.

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  1. Aw shite Kellie, the poor baba and poor you! We hit every sleep regression stage with Luke and it is so wearing on everyone. Hope she settles soon and her mind slows down so she can catch up on some sleep xx

  2. I know exactly how you’re feeling! Parker is in and out of these. One minute we think he’s sleeping and them bamn, he’s screaming and over tired again! Totally agree about their brains being so full on, they’re learning so much it must be hard for them to switch off xx

  3. i am not commenting on the sleeping pattern of my children because everytime I voice how well something is going for me ….. it starts to not!
    never heard of this sleep regression before. Hope the poor dear comes out of it soon.

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