Today I’ve decided to pop a little review together of Pony Club Lottie, she’s forever in my six-year-olds hand and a firm favourite of all her ten Lottie dolls.

Pony Club Lottie loves to be active, outdoors and to explore the world of nature, just like my little messer. A beautiful little relatable doll shaped on the realistic proportions of a 9-year-old girl, with long blonde hair. She comes complete with riding Jodhpurs, a tweed-style riding jacket, shirt and tie, boots and a sturdy riding helmet that is elasticated at the chin. Her clothes are all removable and made from tactile fabrics.


Seren the Welsh mountain pony is very lifelike wearing a bridle, saddle, stirrups, cushion and reins. Although she is plastic, she has realistic looking muscles, her hair is premium quality Saran and brushable. She a beautiful little pony and measures about 18cms the same height as Lottie.


Kayla is loving her Pony Club Lottie doll, they’ve been on lots of adventures since December splashing about at the beach, jumping in muddy puddles and now on the farm at Airfield Dundrum. She’s a wonderful little character and I’m glad she’s part of our growing collection.


It’s a beautiful little two piece and worth the €35 in my opinion, you wouldn’t get another quality doll and a pony or horse in a toy shop for that price never mind all the accessories she comes with her too. She would make a beautiful little gift for any girl or boy who loves animals and the outdoors.

Kayla and I are Lottie Doll brand ambassadors, however, my mother bought this Pony Club Lottie for Kayla at Christmas as a surprise. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My girls both went through stages of loving ponies and we now have a collection of mainly My Little Ponies. I do like the look of this one as it’s far more realistic and the girls would have loved it but are a little old for it now. I’ll be recommending to friends- thanks xx

  2. Oh this takes me right back to my childhood when i used to play with ponies for hours and hours….they always seem to be a firm favourite amongst girls. Boys too for that matter, my two are obsessed with My Little Pony and my niece’s Lottie Dolls at the moment! xx

  3. My little girl is obsessed with my littly pony but not with her barbie style horse. I think she’s still a little young but this looks like such a good toy to look into for when she is older x

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