Month: April 2016

One Of THOSE Days…


It was grand this morning. No school run because the Big Kid was in her dads. Toddler had a lie in. Baby miraculously slept pretty well. Joe left a batch of minty chalk on the draining board. I had coffee, the real stuff, none of that decaf crap. (more…)

Book Recommendations for Children aged 4-7

Kayla’s a messer, a chatterbox, she struggles to sit still but one thing I can be guaranteed to keep her quiet is a good book. Her reading amazes me each and every day. Out of nowhere we’ve moved from Julia Donaldson and added these little beauties to our expanding library. Julia is an amazing kids author but after five years there is only so much Gruffalo, Stick Man and Room On The Broom one can take. Here’s what we’ve been cuddling up to over the past few months…


Pregnancy Craving Confessions


I’ve always had cravings during pregnancy. On my first I craved chicken, and as a strict vegetarian of ten years I gave in and licked buckets of KFC, something I haven’t been able to look at since. On Frankie I craved rashers, I couldn’t get enough of the salty goodness and I still eat it to this day. I’m no longer a vegetarian, I eat fish, chicken and rashers. And on Frankie, Kadie and Bump I’ve craved chalk, as in the chalk you give the kids to draw on the ground and black boards with.  (more…)

Babymoov Lovenest Original Review


In light of  Plagiocephaly Awareness Day, I’ve been reviewing a Babymoov Lovenest Original pillow suitable from birth up to 4-6 months old. Positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) is diagnosed when a baby’s head is flattened at the back or side. It is caused by pressure on the soft skull bones, which have not yet fused, and become moulded into a different shape. This can occur when an infant spends excessive periods of time lying or resting in the same position on their backs; in pushchairs, car seats, bouncers and cribs. (more…)

Mummy Cooks Insulated Food Flask Review


Last month we received an insulated food flask worth €15.99 from Mummy Cooks to review. Complete with stickers to customize it, Kayla claimed it in seconds (even though it was for her). Kayla loves soup, it’s just one of her things but it’s got to be butternut squash soup. If she was to eat one food for the rest of her life, that would be it. (more…)

Tips For Travelling With Young Kids


Invest in a Portable DVD Player or Tablet
On a recent trip to Disneyland Paris, I would have been lost without Mamma Mia, my little one loves musicals and it kept her entertained before, during and after our flight. Even though the portable DVD added some bulk and weight to my bag, it was invaluable whilst travelling. If you choose to bring a tablet download some favourites movies before you leave and don’t forget to pack some earphones too.