A few months back I had seen an article by Wells House and Gardens (one of our favourite fairy hunting destinations) about geocaching and it got me intrigued, what’s all this about geocaching? I’ve seen so much about it on Twitter and in the media lately…

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game for young and old using GPS-enabled devices anywhere in the world. Geocachers navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates to find a geocache (a container of any size) hidden at that location.

Last week I decided to download the free geocaching app and discovered there were thousands of caches hidden in Ireland and three of those were right under our noses. One of them was literally only a ten-minute walk away from our house. So yesterday after dinner, we went off seeking the cache and to our surprise, we found it within minutes of arriving at the coordinate location.


There is lots of different types of geocaches to be discovered from little micro caches to Tupperware boxes of treasure. It’s so simple, you can work your way through their website or use the geocaching app but you will also need some sort of GPS. Luckily it comes with most smartphones nowadays so if you’re just doing it for fun with the family there is no need to be investing in a hand-held device.

Using my phone we followed the signal from the app and found a micro cache, a teeny waterproof container with a little logbook scroll inside. Not the most exciting of caches for the big kid, she anticipated a treasure chest spitting of gold. We signed the logbook, popped it back and made sure there were no muggles around.

Muggles, taken from the Harry Potter series are people who are not seeking caches and you have to be careful not to arouse any suspicion. Some muggles may dismantle or destroy the cache. Spoil sports!

I found it all very exciting, it’s a great way to keep active as I soldier my way into the third trimester and the big kid is begging to do another. Our next geocache includes treasure so she’s planning the perfect trinkets to replace our future find with. We’ll most likely pick up some stuff from Dealz or the Euro Shop to bring along and replace for the next geocachers.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, anyone can start geocaching and it’s completely free. There are millions of caches waiting to be discovered. It’s a great way to add a little adventure to your afternoon walks and explore your surroundings. I’m already addicted, I can see myself downloading the full version of the app to find more caches local to us very soon.

Would it be something you would try out or have you been geocaching before? 

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  1. Welcome to the Geocaching community – we are a friendly bunch I promise! 2 things : there are actually WAY more than 6500 in Ireland, if you decide to stay at it you could become a Premium Member and another whole world then opens up.:)
    The other thing I would say is don’t be afraid to reach out to a Cache Owner or other cacher, if you are stuck on a find for an extra hint etc – most CO’s (Cache Owners) actually want their caches to be found. 🙂 And as a last tip, while TFTC (thanks for the cache) is the minimum to write on an online log (in my opinion) Every cache owner appreciates it if you take a few moments to write a couple of lines about your experience.
    Enjoy and lok foward to meeting you someday at an event or out in the field
    Blue Jay

    • Hi Blue Jay
      Yah, more caches to find so. I can’t believe there is so many in Ireland never mind local to me.
      Great tip, thank you! I logged our find but didn’t add much really as I wasn’t sure what to say so really thank you.

  2. This sounds so fun! My kids would just love going on little treasure hunts. I’ve heard of it but never tried it and now you’ve inspired me to find out if there are any near me, thanks!

  3. So much fun, Kellie, I need to download the app for NI, I knew there is one in Carrickfergus as friends have done it recently.xx

  4. I think Clayton will enjoy this more then the boys. I can already imagine him going into full army mode. Hopefully we will have some nice weather over the weekend so we can give it a go 🙂

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