Ever since I wrote my own birth story back in October I’ve been fascinated with other bloggers stories. So much that I have decided to start a birth story series on blog sharing fellow parenting bloggers accounts, each one unique to the other.

At a recent appointment my obstetrician announced she was planning an induction for me two weeks early to avoid having another home birth as I labour really quick. And if I’m completely honest, I’m uncomfortable with the whole idea of an induction, it scares me a little. I’ve always laboured spontaneously, my babies were always in a rush to get out and an induction might change my positive birthing experiences.

Since then I found myself searching the world-wide-web for induced labours articles and to my surprise I have found more positives than negative, stories with happy endings if you will which pushed me even more to introduce this series. Every ones birthing experience differs. Some have really positive experiences, while others found it difficult to put the words together to write it down.

I’ll be sharing everything from natural births, c-sections, home births, VBAC’s, inductions and all things else in between. Each Sunday I will be uploading a new birth story on my blog, if you would like to feature (blogger or not) and share yours I’d love to hear from you.

The series will start tonight and will run every Sunday at 9pm.


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