Before I became a mammy I secretly judged parents who put their kids in harnesses because you think you know it all, how wrong was I? Foolishly I believed it was lazy parenting, like how hard is it to teach a child the rules of the road and to hold your hand.

And then I had Frankie.

The runner. The wild child. He’s a typical get your hands mucky outdoorsy kid, he loves to explore and he LOVES anything with an engine. He would happily sit in the middle of the road to watch them all day long. Bin lorries, artic’s and fire trucks make him weak. If we were walking without his harness he would be gone in a heart beat chasing them down road without hesitation cause he’s a baby and doesn’t fully understand the dangers or rules of the road.

Last weekend as we strolled through my local shopping centre monkey harness included some auld wan with her big mouth muttered to her friend that it looked like I was walking a dog. Normally I let things go over my head and laugh it off but this time I couldn’t. I was so tempted to go over and give her a piece of my mind but before I knew I was asking the boy ‘what does the wow-wow say’. And we woofed and woofed right past her, while I laughed like an insane person. I awarded him with a McDonald’s ice-cream for his performance.

Harnesses rock. They give him independence and I get piece of mind. I know where he is at all times. I could keep him locked up screaming in the buggy to get out all day every day, let him run riot or keep him safe by side the aid of his monkey reins. They protect him, they are invaluable in keeping my boy safe and one things for certain he does not look like a dog with them on.

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  1. They were a god send for my mum! Once my brother would no longer go in his pram with my younger brother he had one as he has autism and would run off everywhere or just sit on the floor and not move! It was one or the other! I’ll be using one for Amelia too

  2. A harness never worked for us unfortunately. He wouldn’t hold hands either (he does now but not all the time). Only way then was to wheel him around in his buggy. He was freaked out by the fact something goes around his tummy. Hopefully I can still use it on chloe so it wasn’t a waste.

  3. I was like that auld one until my 2 year old little man just wanted to go and explore, the monkey harness is a god send

  4. When you have more than one child, these are essential! But even with one who hates to hold your hand, it’s a compromise and lets face it, we have to compromise with our toddlers or we go insane!! I bought the ones that are also backpacks- Litelife (or something like that!) where the handle clips on and off. They wear it and carry some of their **** win, win!! xx

    • Completely agree. I’ve heard about those Litelife ones, great reviews on them. I just happened to see this one first and it’s worked a treat. I think your one is more fitted and secure though.

  5. They have saved my girls’ life a few times! When i used them on my girls, I used to hold their hands too but all of a sudden they can run off, near roads too! without our control, lucky i had the strap tied round my wrist.
    People who judge them saying they’re like dog leads, are totally up their a**. I’d rather keep my child safe

  6. My partner always said we would never use reins as he hated them and said they were like a dog lead. However we have children 14 months apart and it is not possible to walk with the two year old whilst pushing the buggy. She also likes to run off so we use them all the time as they keep her safe x

  7. We have one of these and Rosalie loves the freedom she has on it. It really annoys me when people say it’s like having them on a lead. It really isn’t, it’s letting them be free but still knowing they are safe and secure xx

  8. I’ve never had a harness with Lamb as he’s not a runner. I’m very lucky! But my nephew on the other hand, up until a few months ago (he’s 4) needed to be on a harness as he would just run and keep on running! They are there to keep your child safe, I totally agree x

  9. I have 2 runners and still refuse to use a harness because I too think a child should just be taught how to behave. My kids are drummed in hard the rules and dangers. I’m honest with them and even though they run, they stick to the path.

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