Today marks the release of Ali Coghlans debut book ‘Get Crafty’, it’s a step by step guide with lots of creative, fun and inexpensive crafts for kids including bubble paint, edible crowns and jelly playdough. Covering  all occasions from Paddy’s Day to Halloween this book is bound to encourage their imagination and creativity.

And to mark the launch I have a copy of ‘Get Crafty’ to giveaway to one My little Babog reader.

To enter COMMENT below and tell me what your kids love to recycle at home so that they can ‘Get Crafty’?

Get Crafty is available to purchase for €14.99 in all good book stores today.

Competition closes March 16th at 9pm. The winner will be notified by email. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. Giveaway is open worldwide. I received a copy for the purpose of this giveaway.

80 Comments on Win ‘Get Crafty’ by Ali Coghlan

  1. Looks like a great book; toilet rolls, corks and egg cartons are always kept for our crafting box. Oh, and boxes, any size or shape, they can make sooo many different things.

  2. My granddaughters keep every scrap of fabric, paper and anything else you can think of. They are so creative and love making things.

  3. my son loves helping me upcycle empty jars for battery operated tea lights he also like making robots out of old boxes

  4. My kids love to recycle toilet rolls as there is so many different things you can make out of them an they are always in the home

  5. Sounds like a good book to have. I sometimes have moments where I can’t think of anything interesting to make.

    Our latest recycled creation was a bottle rocket ship made from a lucozade bottle and a cereal box x

  6. We recycle mainly cards, the beginning and end of the tinfoil roll and the cardboard inners of loo rolls and paper towels.

  7. Oh this looks great! We use so so many different things when crafting. At the moment we’re trying not to use too many eggs boxes or loo rolls because they are collecting at school, but empty milk cartons (4 pinters) make a fab craft tool! Last month Reuben made a giant igloo with his class! It was epic! H x

  8. My kids loved to recycle at home so that they could ‘Get Crafty’? Everything that could be Recyclable, from Milk and Juice Cartonsand Bottles, Egg Boxes to Cereal Boxes, Toilet Roll Tubes to Kitchen Roll, Newspapers, Ribbons, and Bows. Now I have Two Grandsons, I’m just as Bad for Recycled Craft. I do love Inspiration, your book ‘Get Crafty’ Fun, Creative Crafts for Children could do, as one of my Grandsons is under the age of two. I also have an Indian ringneck parrot and he doesn’t like to be left out of Recycled Crafts, so I save up Recyclable materials to make him a Toy or Two.

  9. What a fantastic book, with great ideas.
    My 4 year old daughter loves to recycle and is always coming up with ideas of what we can make out of everything from kitchen towel holders to baked beans cans!

  10. Foil Sweet and chocolate wrappers are a favourite with my little Grandchldren – they love to make collages wih them – luckily Nanny is a Chocaholic – so I have a ready supply for their craft box when they come over xxx

  11. My two love sewing, so rather than throw old clothes away, we keep them and the kids cut them up and sew them into something new.

  12. We recycle yoghurt pots to make all sorts of exciting things, from mobiles to trains! Always looking for new ideas though, this sounds great.

  13. Crafting is a great way of spending time with the children. Creativity at its best. Egg boxes scraps of fabric silver foil, before you know it you have a space rocket!!!

  14. My grandchildren are wonderful at collecting for crafts,apart from the usual toilet/kitchen toll tubes they also collect egg boxes,polystyrene chips from parcels,the lids from toothpaste and hairspray are wonderful for building rockets.I’d be delighted to win this as I could have hours of fun with my grandchildren x

  15. My children collect empty toilet rolls, yoghurt pots, coffee jars, soda bottles, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper. Pretty much anything they can use for painting, sticking, glueing, building. More gets put in their craft tub than gets put in the recycling bin!!

  16. We love collecting plastic bottles which we fill with various materials to make sensory bottle/shakers!

  17. My 10 year old Millie, collects everything, she is a wee hoarder. She recyles shoe boxes and puts all her collected items, from stones to tubes to cartons.

  18. we recycle toilet roll middles, sweet wrappers, tin foil, cereal boxes, shoe boxes and they all make wonderful presents

  19. My daughter makes rockets out of Fairy Liquid bottles and also made lovely Xmas decorations by recycling printer paper that would otherwise have been thrown away.

  20. I love doing crafts, so would love to win this so ican come up with ideas of crafts to do with my son x

  21. my grandchildren and god son loves sitting with me and making things we go on a treasure hunt to see what we can find to use there imagination then we come home and see who can make what out of what we found(with a little help ) the kids love it

  22. My’crafty’ grandchildren are fond of emptyting almost any containers before they’re really empty to make rockets or trinkets etc.

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