A question asked quite regularly.

Blogging is my hobby, as is reading to another. I don’t drink so there’s no chilling out with a glass of wine in the evening. I hate the cinema, I get restless legs because I’ve been pregnant the past three years. I can’t knit. And there’s only so much Netflix one can watch. When I take out my laptop put my feet up and write it helps me unwind. It’s what I enjoy doing. I love writing, it’s my passion.

To date I have 50K visitors monthly on this blog, and a huge percentage of them are returning readers. I’m always stunned that people actually read what I write. This number may not be huge to some but it is to me. I’ve built this platform for myself all by myself which is a huge achievement to me.

I’ve had lots of amazing opportunities since starting this blog. Remember that time Netflix whisked me off to London babogless for lunch with Jeff Brazier? Or when I won an award for my blog or when Lottie Dolls asked me to be an ambassador. Yes, all those reasons. Blogging rocks!

I get to review some amazing stuff on my blog – that’s the really fun part, especially for my little babogs. Companies contact me daily looking to work with me, and a huge percentage I can honestly say get turned down as their products aren’t to my taste or have no relevance to my blog. The one’s I do happen to review ALWAYS have a disclosure, I state that I have received the product for free at the end of all my posts. And just in case you are wondering (because I’ve been asked before) I would never accept a payment in return for a positive review. I just couldn’t do it to myself never mind recommend it to you, my readers.

Brands see me as a social media influencer, I see myself as someone who just shares things that she loves, like this for example. The smugness walking out of Aldi on Saturday – for once I wasn’t sweating at the tills.

I do make money from blogging, not a lot but it helps. I’m self-employed, so why shouldn’t I try to make a bit of extra income from doing something I love. I have advertisements on my blog space, I write posts with Amazon affiliates links embedded, I write sponsored posts and I’ve done collaborations in the past – each one declared and stated in my blog posts. I’ve also write for magazines, websites and newspapers. Blogging has opened so many windows for me.

If you could make money from your hobby wouldn’t you?

Through my blog I’ve had so many opportunities. I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve made the most amazing friendships with other bloggers, some I consider friends for life and with some of my readers too. I’ve learnt so much, from content creating, editing, design and networking just to name a few. And that list is growing daily. I do hope to go back to college after I stop being so fertile. I’d like to do marketing, social media management or even a writers course, you never know maybe one day I could write my own book. The blogging dream right?

I love my hobby. I love the community and all the opportunities it has brought my way. And I love how my readers make me feel normal, I need something out of this house without actually being able to get out. You all rock!

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  1. Congratulations on all you have achieved. You work hard at your hobby and deserve great credit. Delighted for you.I hope you continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

  2. Your live for blogging really comes across in this post. I love my blog it’s the only hobby I think I can stick to religiouslywithoutbitvfeelinhvlike an effort. I love the learning and the interaction. Hope lots more fab opportunities come your way.

  3. Even when you’re just writing about why you write I like reading. You’ve a great ‘easy listening ‘ writing voice. You should def think about writing that book.

  4. Great blogging stats, well done! I love blogging, I love the opportunities it has given us as a family and I love that I have a space for me. I also have had great fun learning so much too.

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