A Tidy Tot is a bib and tray kit that eliminates the gap between your baby and the front of their high chair to give you mealtimes without the mess. It offers complete protection for your baby, highchair, and floor, so you can say goodbye to stained clothes, endless washing and constant cleaning.

Tidy Tot - Bib & Tray Kit Review baby led weaning

We received a Tidy Tot bib and tray kit a few months back for Kadie to help us with our (baby led) weaning journey. On first impressions I was very impressed, it was compact once contained in its little clear sleeve then folded out into a huge round shaped tray. The all-in-one bib seemed solid and I loved the colour too, green is one of my favourites.

Frankie was the first to try it out, he was twenty-one months at the time. The bib fit him perfect however within minutes of being left solo with the tray he flung it across the room like a frisbee and demanded his meal on his usual high chair tray. Back into the packaging, it went until Kadie’s weaning adventure began.

Tidy Tot - Bib & Tray Kit Review

Fast forward a few months and weaning had begun. A little melon here, some batons of carrots there, she was well and truly loving her food. Baby led weaning is very messy and the last thing you need to be doing is stripping or changing a babies outfit at every meal. Each and every time we used it her clothes were clean and mush free.

The Tidy Tot is over two foot wide and has a little 3cm lip preventing food from falling on the floor (sometimes bits do get over the edge). Handy for me, a sorry story for the dog. Tink hates the Tidy Tot.

baby led weaning Tidy Tot - Bib & Tray Kit Review

It’s easy to assemble with two suction cups that attach to the tray. The bib also attaches securely with velcro fastenings. And it really is a one bib fits all, it does both Frankie and Kadie and there is a just over a year between them. It also super easy to clean and the bib is machine washable and quick dry. It also hasn’t faded even being washed twice or more daily.


  • It’s universal, fitting any chair or booster seat.
  • No gaps between baby and tray – no more mushy messy clothes.
  • Easy wipe clean, the bib is machine washable and quick drying.
  • Easy assembly and storage (if you keep original packaging that is).


  • The dog hates it.
  • It becomes a frisbee when child turns about one years of age.

I love our Tidy Tot and would recommend it for a mess and stress-free weaning adventure but at the same time, you don’t really need one to baby led wean HOWEVER if this one happened to break for any reason I would purchase again. Feeding time at the zoo here gets a bit hectic and it’s one less mess for me.

The Tidy Toy is available from Amazon for €24.99 and comes with free postage to the UK, just use Parcel Motel or Address Pal to deliver to Ireland if you do order one to save a few quid.

I received thisTidy Tot for the purpose of an honest review in Sept ’15 and I still use it now in Feb ’17. This post contains an affiliate. Basically, that means I receive a very small percentage if you choose to buy one. It won’t change the price for you but does help me with the cost of running my website.


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  1. That looks fab. I’m tempted to get one for my 21 month old who still makes lots of mess at meal times.

    Laura x

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