We were blessed with Frankie. Naptime and bedtime he is an angel, excluding the clock change, that did throw him off but last night it was business as usual. I mention his bop-bop, num-nums or teddy and he’s thundering up the stairs – waving bye-bye, blowing kisses, the lot. We don’t see him till morning. Again, we are blessed.

Then there’s Kayla, the bed hopper. In, out, up and down. She’s never tired. She likes to plays us, she’s thirsty, hungry, wants ‘just one more book’. She’s even resorted to telling us her daddy lays with her till she’s asleep. Bullshit. Any ways she sleeps pretty well, she can be found in the end of our bed most mornings somewhere across Joe’s feet or curled in a ball on my side.

We had all intentions of moving Kadie into Kayla’s room this midterm, it’s not happening. We had notions of her sleeping through the night like Frankie from six months, again notions.

Kadie has never slept through the night. In fact I don’t think she has slept more than four hours EVER. And we’ve tried it all…

We’ve fed her before bedtime.
We’ve fed her an hour before bedtime.
We’ve fed her two hours before bedtime.
We’ve given her a dreamfeed.
I’ve kicked Joe out of the room.
We’ve tried grow bags to confirm she’s not cold.
We’ve played white noise music.
I’ve tried dim light, bright light, no light.
We’ve given her baths before bed.
We’ve kept to a solid routine.
We’ve taken turns.
We’ve put her down drowsy but still awake.
We’ve avoided rocking and cradling.
We’ve rocked and cradled.
We’ve tried both with and without soother.
We’ve cut out a day time nap in hope she sleep better, that was the worst night of my life.
I’ve tried baby massage.
I’ve put her into our bed.
We’ve let her sleep in her cot.
We changed her nappy a million times over.
We’ve given her a comforter (the sock has gone, it’s now a pillow case!).

One thing I have not tried is the cry it out technique. I don’t jump to her aid with every sound but I won’t let her cry-cry either. It’s just not for us. I did it with Kayla over five years ago on my mothers recommendations and it still haunts me. In any ways she’d have the house awake with the screech.

It’s very disheartening with everyone constantly asking ‘is she sleeping through the night‘. Throwing out tips and what’s worked for them. It doesn’t work for us. Everyone keeps saying we need to get her out of our room. That’s all well and good if we were in a bigger house but Kadie will be sharing with her big sister and it’s unfair in her to dump the waker-upper in with her so we can catch some Zzzz. It’s not gonna solve the sleep situation, if anything it will give Kayla a broken sleep and then not only will I have to deal with a shit nights sleep but a cranky six-year-old too. No thanks.

I think the worst part is the smiling and cooing, the rolling and clapping hands. Some say I should enjoy the ‘extra’ time I get with her throughout the night. She’s lucky I haven’t thrown her out the window* with her ‘I’m not sleeping tonight’ smiles.

I’m facing facts, my third born is not a sleeper. She wakes anything from three to ten times a night. She will start sleeping through the night when she’s good and ready, I’m finished with all the tips and tricks. Maybe the gods will pity me with this blog post and she’ll sleep for more than two hours tonight. That would be nice. Roll on the weekend, ’cause I bagsy a lie-on.

*I would not throw my baby or any kids out the window. I can’t deny I wouldn’t throw Joe out of it though.

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  1. Not sleeping is horrendous. It really is pure torture. She’ll get there on her own time which probably seems like years away, but I bet it isn’t. I could never do the cry out technique either. Those cries literally pierce a mother’s heart. x

  2. Luke and Kadie are on the same wavelength then…he’s almost 3 and still doesn’t sleep all night! He will still wake around 4am/5am, most times he goes back to sleep, other times he doesn’t , like the last 2 mornings, so he twists and turns in between us until I give in, usually around the 7am mark and get up with him. He always goes to bed fine but will always end up in our bed. From day one we tried EVERYTHING! I agree with you, they will sleep when they are good and ready, it’s bloody tough though trying to get through the day when you haven’t slept properly but what more can we do eh?! I may not have an answer to help but I have all the understanding in the world xo

  3. Have you tried wine? Not for baby but for you Lol! When you’ve tried everything I think the only way is to accept that’s how it is. I couldn’t do the cry it out method either. Hope that in the future you get a good nights sleep, one can dream…

  4. I feel your pain! 18mths on and we are still woken at 3am every single night! We were also spoiled with an excellent sleeper before this yoke! It’s taken a while but I think now we have just accepted she is never going to sleep through, until she decides so, probably when she’s 15!

  5. Non-sleepers and sleep deprivation is just THE worst. Like you i was blessed first time around, Riley slept through the night from a very early age and napped regularly throughout the day. Harry on the other hand was an absolute nightmare. He cat-napped during the day and woke continuously throughout the night up until about 9 months. I wish i had sme sound advice but all i can say is “hang in there mama because it will get better!”. Likewise, the people advising you are doing it with good intentions but it really is about finding a solution that works best for you and your family, every baby is different after all. Hope the situation improves xx

  6. Evie is starting to wake up again too. She’s 2 and it’s been 3 months like this too. I really don’t want to do the cry it out method, but I really think I have tried every other option. I hope things improve for you, from one tired mama to another. x

  7. I could have written this blog post! My daughter had never slept through the night and after 14 months of it I was desperate to try anything. I took my daughter to a cranial osteopath, after a recommendation from a friend. The osteo asked what area would you like treated. All the areas. She doesn’t sleep. I need sleep. I was well aware I wasn’t making much sense but needed help. We haven’t looked back since. She’s 16 months now and has slept through from a couple of days after our first appointment. It can’t be a coincidence. We have our 4th and hopefully final appointment tomorrow. I really would recommend this, it may not work for everyone but I wish I had taken her months ago. I wish you all the best, you sound like an amazing mammy and I take my hat off to you xxx

  8. Congratulations on your perfectly normal, would rather not sleep when you do,baby. Commiserations on your perfectly normal, would rather not sleep when you do, baby.
    I’ve never forgotten that lack of sleep and I went on to have a fourth. However with the fourth i completely relaxed. I gave up on all the ‘tricks’ and just accepted she would not sleep and I found the whole experience so much easier. No guilt, less anger, no envy. Still no sleep, but it was much easier accept.
    Good luck getting through.
    Now I’m awake at night for a whole lot of different reasons as they are out ‘socialising’.

    • Tric it’s so true, since I’ve relaxed and stopped with all the advice and tips night time is so much easier, if anything the past couple of nights she has slept better. I dread to think when they are older, waiting up for them… that’s a whole different kettle of fish… loads of time yet though.

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