At this stage on my last pregnancy I wrote ten or so pregnancy related posts, this time not only have I avoided writing about it I have also avoided early scans and appointments too. I don’t want to be dragging two babies around a hospital for bloods and finding babysitters for scans nor did I want to relive the stressful time we went through at the beginning of my pregnancy with Kadie. I chose to wait it out, my dating scan was my anomaly scan and as my dates were a whole month off we’ve basically jumped from a pregnancy announcement to 22 weeks pregnant. I’ve just rocked half way through the second trimester. Woo!

I’m feeling really good. No added tiredness, no hormonal outbursts yet and surprisingly no sickness.

Here’s some of my latest pregnancy updates…


I get regular nose bleeds during pregnancy. Morning, noon and night it gushes, it’s nothing new and everyone is use to it at this stage. Other than the bump my enormous boobs gives it away. As above I’ve had no sickness except from the week I found out. But I don’t actually think that was morning sickness at all, maybe I was just sick at the thoughts of having to tell my mother and the possibility of Joe running away when I told him. Hence why I waited a few weeks. I told him at twelve weeks. He did try to leggit but I had his van keys. I’m smart like that.


Cake. Cake. CAKE. March rocks in my house. Two birthdays mean loads of cake!


I’m an impatient little sod. It’s a GIRL. Three girls one brat, I mean one boy. Joe says we’ll have to go again that Frankie can’t be an only boy. And I said until he starts pushing babies out in the hallway that he has no choice. This will be our last.

Potential Name

I’m obsessed with baby names. I already have a name in my head, it was a potential name for Kadie and I still love it to this day. I won’t be sharing it though ’cause I’m afraid people will try change my mind or even worse rob it.

Okay then it’s Matilda. I freaking love it. I can just hear myself screaming ‘KAYLA, FRANKIE, KADIE, TILLY dinners ready’. Has a ring to it don’t you think?

Her Squishy Face

Medical Concerns

As above I avoided any scans or appointments before I was twelve weeks due increased nuchal translucency in my last pregnancy. I’ve an under active thyroid that is going hay-wire at the moment and low platelets, nothing new there though. They will continue to drop throughout my pregnancy and as always I won’t be allowed an epidural because of it. I’ve never needed a blood transfusion during or post pregnancy so I’m hoping this pregnancy will be no different. I’m labelled high risk due to my platelets which sounds very concerning but really they have never affected me apart from the nose bleeds.

Due Date

My exact due date is 25th of July but I’ve always had my babies spontaneously before my due date, remember I didn’t even make it to the hospital last time… Well my obstetrician told me today she will most likely induce me two weeks early to avoid another unplanned home birth. I’m not very comfortable with the idea of an induction but I’ve 16 weeks till then so I’m not going to worry about that just yet.

Nursery Idea’s

Lets face it, this baby just like Kadie won’t have a nursery, sure Kadie is still in our bed room. She will have a hand me down moses-basket followed by Frankie’s cot when we do go through with the whole big bed transition. Something I’m really not looking forward too if I’m honest. I’ll document it as always, I’d say it will be hilarious. The little bugger!

So that’s it, all my latest pregnancy news.

Our next adventure is to get Frankie off the bottle and the soother and eh potty trained before July. Wish me luck! I need it!



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  1. Oh my gosh, your symptoms are EXACTLY like mine.. the regular nose bleeds, ginormous boobs, no sickness aha i quite enjoyed my pregnancy. And Matilda is such a lovely name for a girl. 🙂

    – Cydney

  2. Oh wow!!!! Girls rule! And I love the name Matilda.. I’m now going to read your link to your last birth, unplanned home birth sounds bloody scary.

    Nosebleeds are not nice, do you find you get tension headaches too? I’m wondering, 25 to of July, that will mean little one will always be off school for their birthday… Ofcourse if you’re induced early you might still sneak that in. Summer babies are fab…. Ours are evenly spaced between September and March. It means we don’t get those awesome garden parties.

    I look toward to reading more updates…sending you virtual cakes xx

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