As part of the Netflix #streamteam I receive a monthly newsletter with all the latest Netflix news, releases and sometimes little tasks. This month Netflix have asked bloggers to let our kids over take our blog and form a #lilstreamteam allowing them to share what they love about Netflix and their mums. So here she is my little stream teamer sharing all her favourites things about Netflix and me!

  1. I love that mammy lets me watch Netflix upstairs away from my brother cause he’s really loud and I can’t watch my programmes when he is downstairs wrecking my playroom.
  2. I like when my mammy cuddles me and watches Netflix with me and sometimes lets me have popcorn in Jojo’s side of the bed. He does not like crumbs.
  3. I love that there is no ad’s on Netflix, they are really boring.
  4. Sometimes it can be really hard to choose but I like that there is loads of programmes to watch on Netflix.
  5. I like that my mammy is part of the team cause she get’s loads of Netflix treats in the post for me. Just like the #NetflixNightIn blanket, I used it loads when I was sick and it’s really fluffly and huge but now she says the baby in her belly likes to cuddle it at night.
  6. I love that Netflix is really quick and I don’t have to skip the start like when we watch a dvd. That takes ages and is really boring too.
  7. My favourite programmes right now on Netflix are My Little Pony, Puss In Boots, Horrid Henry and Goosebumps. Mammy doesn’t let me watch Goosebumps so sometimes I sneak it on. Frankie likes Paw Patrol. He claps every time mammy puts it on.
  8. I like that Netflix saves all my favourite programmes. I can find them all by myself cause it has my name on the screen and I know where to go if mammy is busy.
  9. I like that Netflix asked me to do this on my mammies blog cause I get to play on her laptop. I’m never allowed on the laptop when she is around. My mammy is the bestest for letting me do it.
  10. I like that I can watch Netflix on my mammies phone when we are in the car driving to places far far away. I don’t like when Frankie tries to grab the phone off me though. That’s really really so annoying.

Thanks for reading my #lilstreamteam post. I hope mammy lets me do another one soon. It’s really fun. Kayla xx

As a member of the Netflix #SteamTeam I received an Apple TV and a years subscription for sharing updates on what we are watching. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and now Kayla’s.

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  1. How cute! We haven’t used Netflix but have Amazon Prime which has films watchable in a similar way. The kids find it so easy and I can imagine my 7 year old coming out with similar comments (about her annoying little bro!) xx

  2. Great post, love that it’s from her perspective! We had Netflix a while ago and loved it. Feel they needed to update it more often though xxx

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