In a recent survey commissioned by Chill Insurance, Ireland’s leading home insurance company, 449 Irish people were asked to comment on the security of their homes and the findings are quite intriguing!

I would like to think of my house as very secure. I’m very lucky to live in a quiet area and to have fantastic neighbours, we are always looking out for each other. If an alarm sets off there is always someone out investigating and you can be guaranteed one of them will call you too just to be sure.

While I have an alarm and lock up securely every time I leave the house our doggie, Tinkerbell,  is our main source of security. Our labrador is the friendliest of dogs, but her bark would send shivers down your spine. If she’s not tumbling around with the boy she sits in our playroom plonked on the sofa guarding our front door. Regardless who is at the door she will bark, whether it be Daddy, a neighbour or the postman. However she has different tones in her voice so we know when to get suspicious.

I’m definitely up there with the 57% of people who use their pets to help with security but I’m shocked to see materialistic items top the survey as most valuable possessions. Tink is a house dog, she always has been and without a doubt she is our most prized possession within our home along with the babogs of course. You can insure your home, laptop and you can even store your photo’s online on the likes of drop box but your pet is irreplaceable.

Something about the survey that really made me giggle was the 5% who lock their fridges. Seriously who does that? Actually, Joe hasn’t been far off padlocking our fridge at bedtime when I’m in the last weeks of pregnancy. I suppose we’ll see if I tip him over the edge in the next few months.

Are you with the 33% of people surveyed who say family photographs are your most prized possession? If not what is your most valuable asset?

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14 Comments on How Secure Is Your Home?

  1. Haha I love your fridge locking comment, as a woman who’s nearly 34 weeks pregnant I am so at that point! Totally agree that pets are more valuable than things, although I need to secure all my photos should our computer ever die or be stolen xx

  2. You say its funny about locking the fridge… I was burgled whilst I was asleep in the house we all currently live in. This was before I was with hubby and had kids. I lost A LOT of stuff including 10 cans of coke out of the fridge. ha ha who does that seriously!!!

  3. I’ve been burgled. It’s such a horrible, violating feeling. It happened around 10 in the morning and i live on a lovely estate with great neighbours so I genuinely hadn’t even considered that it could happen. It’s important to insure your home and contents but some things are irreplaceable, like our fur babies and photos as you say.

  4. Locking their fridge?! I would’ve said photos were the most prized possessions in that past but now it’s all on my phone so I wouldn’t mind so much, I don’t think there is anything I would really be worried about losing, as long as me and my boy are safe. xx

  5. I definitely don’t lock enough of anything .. maybe I’m just to at ease with where we live ( were rather rural) i should though really! as id be distraught to lose personal items. Locking the fridge though ha! I’m dreading the days when the kids can get in and out of it.. i will need a padlock by then!

  6. We are waiting on a new front door as ours would be so easy to break into if someone wanted too. We are lucky that the village does have a security guard that patrols each night, so that makes us feel more secure.

  7. I’d definitely consider locking my fridge to stop lamb going in and getting his milk out every day! He’s a milkaholic and would drink it all day if I let him!

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