‘Set sail from the wilds of Ireland’s West on a wonderful journey with Gabrielle and her annoying brother Karl as axis theatre transforms into an exciting world of pirates, high seas, courage and adventure.’

Kayla and I were invited along Tuesday evening to the Axis Theatre in Ballymun to an interactive storytelling about Ireland’s Pirate Queen, Granuaile, written by Gabrielle Breathnach and Veronica Coburn and directed by Veronica Coburn.

High sea’s, courage and adventure it is, with an intimate setting seated in a square formation, low lighting and buckets of dry ice to set the mood. Aboard the ship the two piece cast had the kids sailing in excitement. I loved the message each kid walked away with that night. Granuaile Pirate Queen teaches kids that regardless of their gender they can be what they want to be. Whether it be a scientist, a pilot or a shopkeeper, this show tells kids that everybody should follow their dreams. I highly recommend it!

I’ll tell you a funny story though, when I asked Kayla what she thought of the show when it ended she muttered ‘awful’ and ‘crap’, with a sorry look on her face. And that was that, i said no more, she was in foul humour and she fell asleep within minutes of getting into the car.

The next morning I brought it back up and she her response was completely different. She loved it, in fact it was of her ‘favourite shows ever’, she loved the ship and the bickering between the brother and sister. The issue the night before was with me. I never told her it was about Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O’ Malley.

Scroll back a few months, we had done some research on said pirate having received a Pirate Queen Lottie doll, Kayla was devastated she never got to bring her to show off to everyone. Now she wants to see the show again so she can show off Pirate Queen Lottie, and let her join in on the experience too. Six year old first world problems.

As the show is an intimate storytelling experience capacity is limited. It is recommended for children aged seven plus. Tickets are €5 per child and €7 for an adult. It’s a show not to be missed (and there’s only a few tickets and days left). Check out the Axis for more information.

We received free tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, and Kayla’s.

9 Comments on Granuaile Pirate Queen Axis Ballymun Review

  1. Sounds like fun! I’ll definitely look out for something similar in our area. Love the way kids are so fickle- you were obviously forgiven quickly!! xx

  2. Haha I laughed out loud at her initial response. She must’ve been very tired. It sounds likes a great show. It’s out of our age bracket at the mo x

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