Today the boy turned two. He hasn’t a clue what’s going on but one things for sure he thinks his mamma and sister are bat shit crazy. We’re bursting into song, acting all Larry and making it an extra special day for him. We were up and out by 10am collecting his cake and balloon. Followed by a stop off at his favourite park so he could get his hands and knee’s all mucky. It’s been a great day!

Anyways on our way to collect his cake we passed a circus and of course the six-year-old almost shit herself in excitement.

‘Can we go?’
‘Can we go?’
‘Is it on tonight?’
‘Can we go for Frankie’s birthday?’
‘Frankie would love the circus!’

I broke the news that this we couldn’t go to this circus as it has wild animals. Way to be the party pooper ’cause I know it would have been the perfect ending to the perfect day.

As it stands this particular circus is circulating a lot in the media for many reasons. One of those is the fact they have performing elephants and this is something I’m not comfortable with. I once went to a circus with Tigers and left early thinking they looked really sad and tired, and ever since I swore I would never step foot in a circus that used animals to perform. Those poor tigers were exploited, they should have been in the wild in their natural enviroment or in a sanctuary somewhere. Same goes for the circus we passed today housing the elephants.

When we arrived home Kayla requested her crafty box and sat at the table for the guts of an hour making this pretty piece of artwork, she wants to post to the circus. She was ‘really sad for the animals’ and ‘wishing the elephants were in Africa or India’ so they could roam free. She has vouched she will never visit a circus with wild animals, saying she will tell all her friends and anyone who will listen ‘not to go to a circus that makes animals work’.

I’m so proud of her, she’s six and already wants to change the world!┬áIf only we had more six-year-olds in government!

Today I found out the┬áNetherlands recently banned the use of wild animals in circuses and that’s most likely why this circus happens to be in Ireland. Another eight EU countries have also banned the use of wild animals too, something I whole heartily support and only wish Ireland followed suit.

The ISPCA have just launched the Big Stop Campaign in response to the serious welfare concerns associated with the use of wild animals in circuses and are calling upon the government to implement a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses as soon as possible. If you agree PLEASE show your support and sign the petition HERE.

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  1. What a sweet picture. Although I prefer circus’ with animals in. The one we went to allowed you to go backstage and visit the animals where they were kept. I couldn’t complain once, they were doted on. My mum was a veterinary nurse and we love animals so this was reassuring

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