​Since becoming a first-time mum almost six years ago I have learned so much about myself, my children and parenting in general. My first-born was almost a science experiment; everything was trial and error. Visitors were sanitized, daddy was sanitized, everything was sanitized while baby number two was practically feeding himself on day two. Here I have compiled a list of things that don’t tend to happen a second and third time round you bring your precious newborn home – the truth about your third.

  1. Precious first-born had perfectly coordinated outfits daily. Kitted out in the best of gear head-to-toe. With your second baby you’re just going for clean. Come third baby you will never turn down a bag of hand me downs. And baby is lucky if he/she even gets dressed in their first year.
  2. The moment you find out your pregnant with baby number one you are pinteresting the hell out of the babies nursery. You spend months perfecting every last detail to then realise they don’t actually sleep in said room. You won’t be sweating over designs on second or third baby for that matter ’cause you know they won’t actually be sleeping there. You’ll be then be wondering if there is any point setting up the moses basket or crib. Also this time round you won’t be afraid to co-sleep, not even for a second.
  3.  First baby will get an awesome baby book full to the brim with milestones. Babies first smile. Babies first fart. Second baby gets their first curl. While third baby is lucky to get a rough estimate of milestones and date of birth.
  4. When the first-born dropped a soother, a toy or a teether it was boiled, sterilized and inspected a million times over. Baby number three’s soother or toy is lucky to get a little blow never mind a leg wipe.
  5. For a night out with baby number one you interview and do background checks on babysitters, even if they’re family. Baby number two gets thrown at the babysitter – laters baby! By the time you get to number three you’re begging people to mind your kids.
  6. When you have your second you won’t change them every single time they wake throughout the night. Baby number three gets changed when nappy starts to sag below the knee’s.
  7. Baby number one is compared to every other baby you know. You will panic if milestones are not met in a timely manner. With baby number two and three you will no longer measure your own babies’ development against that of others. You are in no rush for the second or third baby to learn how to walk because you know that’s when all the trouble begins.
  8. Regardless of how proud and exhausted you were – you never accepted help on your first. You will now be preaching for any assistance once baby two comes along. By the time baby number three comes along you will have visitors cooking dinner and mopping floors.
  9. By the time your second baby comes you will no longer stress over sleep deprivation. Now that baby number three has arrived you will now accept that you will probably never get a full night’s sleep ever again.
  10. And finally, baby number one eats dirt, you panic and probably ring the doctor. Baby two eats dirt and you remove dirt from babies mouth. Baby number three eats dirt and you wonder if baby needs dinner.

I should add that I’m expecting babog number four now.

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10 Comments on The Difference Between Your First Born & Third Born

  1. Love this! All so true. I have three, and I almost feel sorry for our third at times. But, as she is the loudest and most able to look after herself (perhaps because she’s number three?!), I don’t worry for long 🙂

  2. Love this all so true, with 2girls 15 & 12 and a boy who is 2 into everything your story is funny and good to see in black and white. Good luck with Baby number 4 I’m sure you will be fine. But will Defo not be me with baby number 4 I’ll stop at 3 xx

  3. Ha ha. I absolutely love this post. I am expecting our second baby, so this is a great insight into what their world will be like. I also found that as my baby girl got older than I relaxed a lot. Or in other words i became a lot more lax about sterilisation, picking her up every time she fell over and making sure that all her outfits were pristine and matched perfectly. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. not only is this 100% dead on… it’s actually happened! I thought it was a win for us today when I showered and she got into clothes (and didn’t stay in pjs). Win-Win!

  5. Haha, I wrote a very similar post about second child neglect. We went through god knows how many Milton wipes with my first baby…..I don’t even bother to wipe things with a baby wipe this time round 😉

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