The first email I wrote to my eldest was when we were in the hospital. I set it up on my phone when she was no more than a day old. It consisted of ‘oh holy god, never again, I’m never having another baby. I’m sorry but you will be an only child’, it includes a picture of her in an incubator and her time of birth.

One of the midwives working the evening shift told me to do it for her. She said she had been doing it for years, that her eldest was nearing eighteen and she was preparing to hand over the password. She had only set up the email account in recent years and had missed all the baby milestones and recommended I set one up to record all her precious childhood memories. Since then I have recorded pretty much everything from her first step, her first sink bath to the first day she said mama.

With email and internet being so accessible nowadays and I can just send the kid’s video’s, pictures, quick little stories, and the really personal stuff that doesn’t make the blog. I love that it records milestones and memories in chronological order so if you need to find a particular photo it’s much easier to locate because you have a rough idea of when it was taken.

With a growing family, there is only so much room for storage boxes so I find this way I get to keep all their artwork in one little place too. Recently I’ve started taking pictures of their artwork and emailing it to them. It’s impossible to keep every single drawing they have created so I keep the most creative pieces and all the cards they make me, everything else I’m afraid gets dumped but not before I take a photo and send it to them. I also caption each piece with what they’ve named them.

This is  ‘Mammy and Kayla swimming‘, aged 2. I can’t make head nor tail of it. I’m pretty sure we are drowning.

make an email account for the kids and save their artwork memories

And this one, a picture of ‘my mammies and daddies in my favourite colour‘. Both her mammy and daddy in the middle and each of our partners on the outside. She was three when she drew this, and I’m sure the one with the squiggly head is her dad!

make an email account for the kids and save their artwork memories

Most of my emails to Frankie consist of ‘when your kid does this I will sit back, eat popcorn and laugh!‘. His inbox is full of pictures of destruction with the odd milestone thrown in. I have the best collection of 21st photo’s. I know I over share on here but really you haven’t seen 90% of it.

I absolutely LOVE emailing them their little milestones, the funny things they do and say, and all the video’s and pictures I take of them. It’s so simple and takes me all of a minute. I don’t bother filling in their baby books anymore and if I’m honest Kadie doesn’t even have one, and babog number four won’t have one either.

Only today I inboxed Kadie to tell her she pulled herself from one side of the room to the other just to get her spiral ball that Frankie had kicked away from her. It was something so simple but it was an exciting, something to celebrate and I doubt if I had a book for her that I would have recorded it.

Set your kids up an email account, it’s so much better than a milestone book, it’s free, instant, there’s no cutting photo’s up or gluing and best of all there is no limit of space. I love it gets in every couple of months to keep the accounts active as I’ve heard some account providers shut down inactive accounts. It’s one of the best things very ever did to save space and keep all those precious memories in one place and I ‘ve never looked back!

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26 Comments on Scrap The Baby Book | Email Milestones and Memories To Your Kids

  1. I do this for my three… I’ve never logged in to see what I have so far but I do know that it’s mainly pictures. I might mail the odd blog now that i think about it.

  2. Wow what a beautiful idea. So much easier than a scrapbook. I love it. I’m gonna have to start doing it. It’s so modern and so easy. She’ll absolutely love it when she’s older x

  3. What a fab idea! I e never heard of doing this but it’s so much easier than a milestone book! I tried to do one with lamb but just got out of the habit of filling it in xx

  4. Oh my God, what a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of this?! Fortunately both my girls are young enough that’s it’s not too late. So glad I found out about this now. Thank you so much.

  5. I love this idea! My blog is their baby book but there are so many other moments worth sharing that aren’t worth writing about.

  6. This is such a wonderful idea. In a lot of ways the blog does this for me, but, like you I don’t share all the little things so I miss stuff. I wish I had done this, I never did get round to filling in their baby books…!

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