Kadie will be moving into Kayla’s room soon, and she is dying to share her room. She has all these wild idea’s floating about her little head. Unicorns, bunk beds, she even wants her own little library. Normally when she gets her hands on my phone she gets lost in YouTube tutorials or minecraft but lately she’s been creeping on Pinterest. And I have to admit she has an eye for decor.

I’m not fan of pink, and her room is cerise pink at the moment. It hurts my eyes. I’m hoping I’ll get my way we can agree on white walls, then brighten it with some wall decals.
The thing is Kayla has no value of money, of course she doesn’t she’s only five. Here is some of her ‘ideas’… She just short of creating a mood board.

The queen of her castle. I’m not too sure where Kadie is supposed to sleep.

Image: Room for Joy

Then she seen these tree house beds. I love these in fairness. The colours are fab, real girly and bright!

Image: Just kidding rooms

Now back to reality. She’s getting a Mydal bunk bed frame from Ikea. We’ll paint it Buzz Lightyear green. I’m thinking, picture ledges or spice racks to create her much wanted library, and a few bean bags would be perfect to create the snug space. Then there’s the curtains, lampshades, decals and velux blinds to think about. One things for sure I cannot wait to get rid of the one hundred million cuddly toys to make room for our renovations.

If you could create a dream room in your home which room would you choose to makeover?

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17 Comments on A Girl Can Dream – Room Renovations

  1. Awwww how exciting for the girls to be sharing a room together, we recently moved the boys into a shared bedroom and they are absolutely loving it. That princess castle bed is to die for, it amazes me what creations people come up with these days. xxx

  2. I’m so glad I have boys as I hate pink! I would agree with you, plain white walls and then colour accessories. I love light green and pale pink together (that’s as much pink as I could do haha).

  3. Can I have a treehouse bed for myself? Haha. We are actually starting to turn Abbie’s room into a playroom soon (where she can sleep in if she wants to, we co sleep at the moment), so I keep looking online for inspiration! I remember wanting one of those princess castle beds when I was a little girl, who knows, maybe Abbie will follow that trend? They are quite expensive though so might find a handy man who is particular good at building them! x

  4. Love those beds, wish we had more room and a bigger budget for something like that

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