Can you see the cobwebs in the corner? Halloween is well and truly over, I know! I haven’t been very active the past few months, it’s just so busy here with two under two. I’ve been struggling to find a balance and some sort of routine. Most days we can be found cuddling up on the sofa watching Paw Patrol on Netflix, yah for shitty cold weather!

The boy is turning two soon and this post has been hiding in my drafts for awhile so I better get it out there before it’s no longer relevant. It’s super fun having two under two!!

Baby Led Feeding

This week we’ve started baby led weaning Kadie. She’s been munching on melon, strawberries, porridge and sweet potato. And as per usual what monkey see monkey do. If the boy is not strapped down in his high chair he can be found baby led feeding THE BABY. I’ve lost count the amount of times I have raced to her aid to save her from a face full of rice cakes, banana and eh… sweet things.

Mammy Guilt

I don’t believe there is anyway to prepare a one year old for the birth of their little brother or sister. I remember the day we arrived back home with Kadie and thinking he had grown two inches taller and put on about ten pounds, even his hair looked longer (I was in hospital for two days). He was no longer my little squish, he had just grown up. He didn’t appear overly jealous or phased by her presence but as she gets older and more active he’s showing some resentment. There’s been the odd poke and pinch. Rascal!

What’s Yours Is Mine & What’s Mine Is Me Own

If we visit family or friends it’s a necessary required to check the boys pockets before home time. He notorious for nicking things. Same goes for around the home. If you can’t find something belonging to Kadie it’s most likely because the boy has hidden it. Her Gummee Glove, Sophie, Care Bear and soothers are normally stashed in one of the toy kitchen presses or behind the sofa amongst many other miscellaneous items of hers.

They Share a Schedule 

The boy is active. Like active ACTIVE, he’s always on the go. He’s so busy he naps for THREE hours daily. It’s deadly. I have managed to get both their naps n’sync in the morning which is even more deadly. Yes there are days one plays up and decides their not having any of it but same goes for the five year old.

Naptime in the afternoon can be frustrating for the babog when Frankie is loose and running riot. He bangs, squeals and smashes but luckily the babog isn’t too bothered and sleeps through the racket most days!


Both my little babogs suck a soother, while Kadie is not overly fond except at naptime, Frankie LOVES his doddie and there is no chance of him giving it up soon (and I’ve no intentions of taking it either).

If the boy can’t find his soother he loiters about the baby sussing where hers is and robs it regardless who’s watching. We’ve used soother clips but the boy is like the Hulk and he just whips them clean off clothes whether it be his or hers.


Nappies. Poops. Baths. Night feeds. One on one time. Nap time. Bed time. Meal time. Play time. I’d never pass on a lie-on.

The Fear

Kadie knows when Frankie is on the prowl for a soother and now she just spits it out rather than have it whipped from her mouth. One day he was racing towards her for god knows what and she frantically looked around to see if anyone was there to rescue her. At five months old she already knows he’s the one to watch in our house.

Aside from all the antics, running around and sleepless nights having two children under two it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can ever have. I can just see them next year running around killing each other gleefully holding hands, sharing toys and being the bestest pals ever. Right?


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