I’ve had my fair share of baths and bath aids and I’ve never been completely happy with my experience with them. So I was delighted when asked to review the Shnuggle baby bath now that little miss is raring to go and loves splashing around in the water.

Shnuggle baby bath review

On first impressions, I was very pleased. The Shnuggle baby bath is suitable from birth and there was no assembly required. It’s a cleverly designed bucket shaped bath and light weight. It has a bum bump for support with an anti-slip surface that actually works, rubber feet for grip, a foam backrest, and a reclined seated position. The Shnuggle baby bath is suitable for babies up to twelve months, available in three colours (grey, pink and blue) and it’s compact for storage too. I find it handy for storing our bath toys when not in use.

shnuggle baby bath review

Kadie loves bath time now that she’s more active. She can sit up with the aid of the Shnuggle bath and splash around with excitement comfortably without slipping or sliding. Look at her, she’s only five months today and independently playing with a little duck in her Shnuggle bath complete with MooGoo bubbles of course.

Snuggle baby bath review

Gone are the days of hanging over the bath breaking my back. I’m now confident allowing Kayla or Frankie to help out during bath time too. It’s easy to carry, uses less water than your typical baby bath and when my little babog is bathing I don’t have to hold or support her in any way. I’m completely hands-free to wash and play, my back is not broke bending over and most of all bath time is now completely stress-free. I think it’s a steal at £20/€30. I’ve absolutely no faults in the Shnuggle baby bath, I’d highly recommend it!

In Ireland, it’s available from Bella Baby, Tralee Nursery Supplies, Sweet Little Babies and Harvey Normans. For more information on the Shnuggle baby bath check out www.shnuggle.com.

I received this product in return for an honest review. 

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  1. Even the name is cute! What a fab idea – my back does be broken from bath time so I really could have done with one of these back in the day – now I’d settle for the child to just take a bath without roaring the place down! Such cute pics too!

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