I’m sure everyone has seen the ‘I’m Supermom’ post doing the rounds in their Facebook feeds. If not here’s a recap. A recap of complete and utter BULLSHIT!


Here I am in my two-day old tracksuit rocking a hun-bun. I’ve just ordered the dog to clean up after breakfast and made myself a nice warm cup of coffee. I should really be putting some clothes on the rads, stripping the bedsheets, getting clothes ready for the day, emptying bins etc. but I was up most of the night cradling my four-month-old who is teething and having an awful time of it the past few nights. Not to mention my five-year-old is home from school sick for the first time in two years. So I’m going to really enjoy this unmicrowaved-both-babies-are-sleeping-cup-of-coffee.

To the mammy’s who read that post and are struggling just two weeks in, having a baby is a rollercoaster. Emotions are high. You’ll be sore. You can’t think straight due to lack of sleep. But all of that is normal. You are adapting to new family life and before you know it you will be rocking it!

When my third baby arrived I too managed to get enough sleep, enough sleep to make it through the day. I too put a meal on the table. We ate take-outs, donated dinners, ready froze meals and waffles and beans. Nobody got hurt, bellies were full. My house was moderately clean. The washing piled up. The dishwasher was on overload. But everyone was happy while we adjusted. I too spent time with my partner, we argued a lot over who’s turn it was. I watched him run around and try to keep our house together and he supported me while I lay down for two weeks straight trying to establish breastfeeding for the first time with a tiny tot. When the baby finally napped I would spend equal amounts of time with both my other children.

I’m far from lazy. In fact, I’m known to have a touch of OCD and I’m always cleaning something. But my house will never be clean-clean. If I’m hovering the boy is pulling the playroom apart. If I’m putting clothes away he’s pulling them out of the draws. If I’m bathing the baby he’s putting anything he can find down the toilet or play with the loo roll. He’s a gas character, he’s so unpredictable it makes parenting fun.

Sometimes I feel like I live a zoo. But it’s my zoo. My zoo of well-loved and crazy happy kids. There’s always kids running around the house (sometimes not all mine) making a mess, making memories. They will draw on walls. They will run through the house with food because that’s what they do. Also, there is no food hidden under my sofa because the toddler has already eaten it and if the toddler happens to miss something the dog will find it. As for eating at the table. Bahaha. That’s a good one.

Once the kids are happy is my motto. Isn’t that our main priority as a parent. To keep our children feeling loved and happy? Those days we say ‘feck the housework’ are the best kind of days. When we just sit and play or read. They won’t remember the state the house was in but they will remember all the times you sat and played with them.

My kids don’t like peanut butter, in fact, they hate it. So there is no peanut butter on my curtains but there was THIS (read with caution). And yes I took my eye off the ball but not because I’m lazy, I was up all night with an unsettled baby.

The last time I took a shower when I was home alone with the kids the baby screamed her lungs out in her cot. She was asleep when I hopped in but she woke up somewhere between me battling the one year old from stripping off screaming ‘splash-splash’ and washing the conditioner from my hair. I now only shower when another adult is home. It safer that way.

How I would love to be a fly on the wall when your beautiful little bundle actually wakes up and starts running around your perfect home. I’d love to watch you eat your words.

I’ll leave you with THIS.

Enjoy toddlerhood Supermom!

7 Comments on Enjoy Toddlerhood Supermom

  1. Absolutely love this. As long as they’re happy, breathing, functional and mostly clothed, we’re doing a fairly decent job. The rest is all gravy.

  2. Is she for real? God I get so sick of mothers being so judgmental of each other. You’ve done it for two weeks, you do not know it all!!!!! I just hope that when she finds herself sobbing in a bathroom because she’s just so overwhelmed by the demands of her children (that happens us all from time to time, right? Right?!!) that she won’t feel like she can’t ask for help because she once said something so foolish.

  3. Soooo true! Gosh, she is going to have a rude shock when her baby becomes a toddler. Sure, my house was clean when baby (I only have one, any more and there would be no hope of clean) was two weeks old. Then came solids. And movement. And the need to experiment with textures. I look forward to reading her “f$&@, I’m sorry” blog!! Hahahah.

  4. Awesome response my friend, awesome. My house is a clean tip☺ I would rather roll around with my kids, giggling, than hoover any day. As a working mum, it’s the best and beats the hell that is work sometimes, back with a light sabre (tube of wrapping paper that is no longer usable! ). There are days we all despair, and a pat on the head from a 3 year old will dispel that quicker than some sanctimonious wotsit who hasn’t really got the experience to judge, or even comment. But then again, I probably would be considered cruel, as I work full time ….

  5. I actually think this “perfect mother” post is a wind-up, as it shows complete ignorance of the reality of parenting. If on the other hand, this post is genuine then she’s in for a real shock

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