Next up in #theBIGmammygiveaway is the the big one, two packed hampers full of beauty treats worth over €200.

The winner will receive everything pictured and I have more stuff lost up in the post that will be added over the next couple of days also.

There’s some bits from NYX, Wet N Wild, The Body Shop, Ziaja, St. Tropez and Burts Bees. You’ll find a bundle of So…? fragrances some dry shampoo and a Stylfile S-Ped. Dream Dots will have you covered literally and there’s a pack of sensitive cleansing WaterWipes thrown in too amongst many other things too.

the big on the big mammy giveaway

I’m kind of gutted adding this to the hamper, I’d happily shut down the website and keep it  for myself. Included in the hamper is a full Billion Dollar Brows kit. It has everything a girl could need for the perfect brows.

billion dollar brows the big mammy giveaway

And finally Wholefoods Ireland have added this fabulous hamper including Faith in Nature shampoo, conditioner and shower gel/foam bath. For a good gut feeling they have also added in some Molkosan and a shaker. You’ll also find Intense Greens super shake and a bottle of Absolute Aroma’s massage oil.

the big mammy giveaway hamper

I have added a beautiful suede black clutch purse from worth €56 to the giveaway too. (Edited 16/12)

PicMonkey Collage

To enter:
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and COMMENT below and tell me which of the products you’d like to try most and why.

Don’t forget to enter to Win a Baby Hamper or a Win a Children’s Hamper both worth of €100 too!

Competition closes December 20th at 9pm. Winner will be notified by email and announced on My Little Babogs Facebook page. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. Giveaway is open worldwide

230 Comments on Win a Pamper Hamper worth over €200 #theBIGmammygiveaway

  1. I’d love to try Billion Dollar Brows kit – I’m so hopeless with my eyebrows and I think it’d give me the kick I need to take care of them!

  2. I would love to try the dream dots. I am overdue by 8 days and my skin is in bits. I am going for to look amazing for my newborn family photo…not! Lol x

  3. I’d love to try any of the hamper as I always feel guilty spending money on myself it would be nice to get a treat with no guilt x

  4. 2 months post party’s and I’m like a walking milk bottle with hairy legs and 2 moustaches for eyebrows. St Tropez, Billion Dollars Brows and a spritz of the So..? For the sake
    Of my marriage!!!

  5. Definitely love to try the brow kit. I love burts bee’s. Favourite lip balm. Smell of the whole range is delish.
    Love to try the intense green super shaker.

    Can I just try it all? 😉

  6. I absolutely love nyx products but can rarely justify a spend on make up if any sort so I’d be excited to try out any new make up products. Also would love to try the super green juice

  7. Fantastic prize would love all parts of it ! Would love to try the St tropez or the brow kit , they both look like great products !

  8. Would love to try Billion Dollars Brow kit. Been looking for new product and this looks like it has everything I need 🙂

  9. I want to try them all, but in particular I would really love to try the natural products. Considering that my diet mainly consists of chocolate and coffee I’m in need of some natural cleansing

  10. Such an amazing hamper! Would love to try all of it, especially the brow kit and the natural wholefoods products <3

  11. I would absolutely love the brow kit it looks amazing!! Fab if your a busy mum and not much time to get ready 🙂

  12. The cocoa butter my skin is really dry and this would be great for it! (following on tiwtter as traceybxx and tracey bowden on facebook)

  13. I would like the Faith in Nature products. I stopped using harmful cosmetics (known brands) some years ago with great success replacing them with more natural products. I love faith in Nature sea weed shampoo.

  14. i’d love the intense greens! It looks amazing and I need something like that! xoxo ~~~***~~~ <3 <3 <3 ~~~***~~~ Sooooo fab!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win at your amazingly generous giveaway !! fingers crossed so tightly ~~~***~~~ <3 <3 <3 ~~~***~~~ xoxo

  15. Following and liked on Twitter/Facebook. I would love ooohhhh….all of it! My new years resolution for 2016 is to take better care of myself and make more of an effort so this would be a great way to get me started! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  16. It would be such a treat to try any of them but I’d love to try the brow kit. My brows are so fair you can’t see them normally unless I keep them tinted. This would be fantastic for keeping them when I just don’t have time to get them done☺

  17. Well l have to say that the massage oil is speaking volumes to me right now ……so that’s where my interest lies but my guts could do with a little TLC…❤️®❤️

  18. Lovely giveaway! That Brow Kit is exactly what my eyebrows need xx
    It would be perfect for me as taking care of my little man leaves almost no time for me… especially for makeup shopping x
    Liked! Fingers crossed!

  19. The Billion Dollar Brow kit would be my favourite item to try. I look so tired all the time, good eyebrows would lift my face a bit, maybe! 🙂

  20. The billion dollar brow kit I’d love to try. Always tried just pencil, I’d love to experiment more with my brows :3

  21. Awwww what a cute little combination of products! I’d love to try the Yankee Candle, as we’ve just gotten into lighting candles for our little girl and it would fit perfectly in a gorgeous little holder we were given by a friend yesterday ☺️ Also the stylefile, as I’ve been wanting to try that after Tom and his emergency biscuits were on the apprentice ☺️

    Nin x

  22. Id love to try them all!! but i think since im due my 3rd in January the dry shampoo would be the first to be tested! And maybe the other products when I get a chance to unwind and have some me time!
    followed on twittier @dollybird321
    fb Denise Rl

  23. I’d love to try Intense Greens Super Shake, heard great reviews and recommendations, be great to put in my smoothies, need as much energy as I can get these days !!! Fantastic giveaway !!!

  24. They all look fantastic and fab, but my favourite is the raspberry and cranberry foam bath – a real treat in a candlelit bathtub.

  25. Id love the first as I really would love some beauty TLC this Christmas and Ive been wanting to try ziaja for AGEESS

  26. Hmmmm it’s between the marine algae firming cream or the billion dollar brow kit! But if I had do chose it would be the brow kit as I won’t leave the house without my brows done and the kit looks amazing! All my saggy bits can hide under clothes hahaha xx

  27. My mum has just finished chemotherapy and is in need of some pampering would love to win this for her.thanks for a fabulous giveaway

  28. Billion dollar brow kit is 100% my fav I’ve over the moon if I won this lush prize I rally would,so fingers and toes crossed very tight #win xx

  29. Billion Dollar Brows I would looooove. My eyes are a wreck with baby sleepless nights and it might just perk them up for Christmas ☺

  30. Would love to try the Billion Dollars Brow Kit, would actually love to try everything lol would be a lovely Xmas surprise

  31. I would like to try Absolute Aroma’s massage oil because it will relieve any stress that I have gained over the busy Christmas period.

  32. I would like to try Dream Dots – As a mother I have breakouts during stressful moments like cooking the christmas dinner for the family!

  33. Would love to try the brow kit out myself but the main reason I am entering is because I think that the hamper with the natural shampoos and stuff would be great for my mom who is struggling with eczema all over her scalp and arms so I think this would be a great basket of new products for her to try out which could really help!

    Even if I don’t win I’d just like to say it’s a great giveaway and I have been following your blog for quite a while now even though I’m only 18 and hopefully won’t be a mammy any time soon! Good luck to everyone who entered and happy christmas to all xx

  34. What an amazing prize! I already use faith in nature shampoos & conditioners so they’d definitely be used quickly. I’d really like to try the billion dollar brow kit – i’m a bit clueless when it comes to shaping my eyebrows so I can do with all the help I can get!

  35. The wholefoods Ireland hamper looks amazing. Really nice products that are also good for me I need me some of that!

  36. Oh wow. What an amazing hamper. I love everything in it and would love to try the Billion Dollar Brows kit. Fingers crossed! xxxxx

  37. The Irish wholefoods hamper would be my pick to try, especially as I’m going to follow a healthier eating plan on 2016!

  38. I would love to try the Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner and their shower gel and foam bath looks lovely and I bet it smells great with all the organic natural ingredients packed in it.

  39. I’m very intrigued by the Billion Dollar Brows kit because I don’t have a clue how to shape my eyebrows properly.

  40. I would love to try the Billion Dollar Brows kit as it would be great for some Christmas parties, have followed on facebook and twitter

  41. I would love to try Billion Dollar Brows kit as would be great for Christmas parties. Have followed on facebook and twitter

  42. I would love the Billion dollars brow kit as im a disaster when it comes to my eyebrows I so need help I even have a kind of a unibrow going on !! The hamper is fantastic thanks for giving us an opportunity to win it x

  43. would love to try the Intense Greens super shake i lost over 10 stone 5 years ago and have managed to keep it off and now go to the gym 5 times a week and try and eat as healthy as possible would be fab to try this out and see how it works with my body

  44. I would most like to try the products from The Body Shop because I only use natural products which are ethically produced .

  45. The super green food and shaker sounds great so too dose the billion dollar brow kit. Well to be truthful I would like to try some more too but they would be top of my list. Thanks you.

  46. Would love the Wholefoods Hamper,…because am sensitive to chemicals in commercial products, and only use use natural products. Be lovely treatC!

  47. I would love to try the billion dollar brow kit and the super green shaker would be great. Though I would like to try everything those two would be top of my list. Thanks

  48. Wow! I would really like to try billion dollar brows, I see it everywhere and I am a makeup novice trying to get into makeup, going through a recent break up and looking for something to give myself a bit of a confidence boost 🙂

  49. What a treat for somebody! I am torn between the intense greens, because I know I could do with improving my diet at the moment, and the cocoa butter, because I just love the smell of cocoa butter!

  50. I’d love to try water wipes because I keep gearing how great they are and my daughter has very sensitive skin.

  51. I would love the intense greens healthy stuff as I have a BIG birthday (50) at the beginning of Jan and would like to get healthier to allow me to live another 50 years.

  52. Would love the WHOLEFOODS hamper as have sensitive skin, and can only use natural products. Would be such a treat 🙂

  53. Burt’s Bees hand cream as I adore that range. So many amazing products in this offer…I am in need of a black clutch too 🙂

  54. I would love to try the billion dollars brows kit as im always looking for new products to use on my brows as they are very sparce and need to be drawn on daily

  55. I would love them all, I feel run down and I haven’t got a screed of makeup or very many toiletries for myself. By the time I look after my children, there’s never anything left for me, just like all the mom’s out there, I guess!! I feel that this would be like a makeover and I would be more upbeat and just in time for Christmas. It really would be magic. The Billion Dollar Brows kit looks fabulous. Merry Christmas and thank you for the chance!!!

  56. Would love all of this hamper! Can’t wait to try the intense greens super shake…. Breastfeeding my 5 month old and feeling in need of a boost!!

  57. Would love to try the brow kit!, my 15 week old won’t let me leave him to get mine sorted so maybe this would help sort out my caterpillars!

  58. I would love to try the marine algae firming cream, after losing weight i’m abit saggy so would love to see how this works!

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