Ages ago I won a box of Becky Mantins Nappy Grab Bags over on Basically they’re little pocket-size packs with a nappy, wipes and cream inside. I have one to both Grandparents houses, there’s one in my car and another one in Daddy’s van. I thought they would be dead handy to have if we ran out of nappies or wipes etc.

Yesterday I completely forgot to wash our cloth nappies and I had no disposable nappies for the big babog and like a fool I attempted to put one of Kadie’s on from a nappy cake we were gifted a few months back. Jokes on me, it didn’t even cover his bum. I then remembered I had a box of these Nappy Grab Bags and they saved the day until Daddy arrived home.


Nappy Grab Bags are available in a full range of nappy sizes from 1 to 6. Each pack unfolds to reveal a hygienic, biodegradable changing surface. In the little pocket-size pack you get one Naty by Naturecare Nappy, a high performance chlorine and fragrance free nappy made using biodegradable GM free, corn-based film. Four Individually wrapped Jackson Reece multi award-winning organic wipes with natural aloe vera that are incredibly gentle and suitable from birth. There is also one sachet of Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream. The 100% natural cream, contains organic almond oil, organic calendula and chamomile to soothe, protect and nourish.

They work out about €2.50 a pack which is a little expense in my opinion but you cannot deny that you would pay anything for disastrous moments like above. They’re available to purchase from Kiddicare.

I have a full box here that have to be used by the end of 2015 and I know I won’t get through them so pop me a comment below if you are interested and I’ll give five readers a sample so they can try for themselves. If more than 5 people want to try them, I’ll use a random number generator to choose five people on Sunday night.

12 Comments on Nappy Grab Bag Saves The Day

  1. My little fella is like a never ending, not so fun ice cream machine in his nappy. Nothing wrong with his bowels, that’s for sure

  2. These are such clever, yet simple products that are really handy.

    If you’ve any spare we’d love to try a sample.

    Laura x

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